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Top 10 Trap & Bass Songs Week Of 12/12/13 - New Electronic Music


Top 10 Trap & Bass Songs Week Of 12/12/13 - New Electronic Music

Hey everybody, I'm Taylor Barnes the new Bass Editor for Magnetic Magazine. My taste in music tends to be pretty eclectic ranging from beat musicians like Flying Lotus to wonky UK producers like Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, and of course the trap banger. I'll be leaning more to the experimental, melodic, hip-hop and R&B influenced side of things. That being said, here is my first bounty of bass music.

1. 3005 (Louis Futon Remix), Childish Gambino
This remix from Louis Futon is a perfect example of music which isn't locked down to one specific genre or style. Warm leads and arpeggiated synth lines flow over trapy snare rolls and hi-hats with transposed samples of the original interspersed.

2. Event Horizon, Mimosa
In the past year or two Mimosa has shifted from producing melodic bass music to extremely heavy trap-step, but despite the change his production chops are just as good if not better than before. Mimosa teased the crowd at last years Coachella with a preview of this track, and I'm extremely happy it's finally out for free download.

3. Pvrple Forest, Ganz
Ganz has been garnering a great deal of support in the underground bass community with his genre defying sound, and his much anticipated 'Pvrple Cwtch' EP didn't disappoint. This was my favorite track off the EP, but the others are equally impressive.

4. First Time (Sinjin Hawke Remix), Dre Skull
Sinjin Hawke's remix of Dre Skull's "First Time" flips the original by transposing the vocals from the original and layering effects over them. This track is huge, and it's a free download to boot.

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5. M.A.A.D. City (Eprom Remix), Kendrick Lamar
This remix inspired the "Maraschino Step" (see here: Although not as popular as the "Harlem Shake," this is a much more interesting albeit lesser known piece of music.

6. Give It 2 U (Trippy Turtle Remix), Robin Thicke
One of the baltimore/jersey club's finest artists is mystery producer Trippy Turtle. Although this may not seem like it belongs in the bass section, two of this genre's champions (Dj Sliink and Cashmere Cat) are crossovers from the hip-hop/trap scene.

7. Fall Over (Djemba Djemba Remix), BANKS
This remix from Djemba Djemba is massive. This track is immersed in incredibly complex percussive sounds along with a multitude of synth sounds and samplings which come together to create something amazing. Available for free download via soundcloud.

8. Cell, Falcons
Up and coming artists Falcons just released their 'Bird Call' EP featuring "Cell" a bouncy, minimalistic track built around a classic sample from Missy Elliott.

9. When It's Hot (Feat. Djemba Djemba & Mr.Carmack), Penthouse Penthouse
I just caught Penthouse Penthouse at Low End Theory a few weeks back, and watching them play this track live was incredible. Not only are they extremely talented musicians, but really friendly guys who are down to talk to fans after their set. Big ups to Penthouse Penthouse.

10. Blast Off, Minnesota & G Jones
"Blast Off" comes from Minnesota and G Jones' collaborative 'Mile High Club' EP, which combines Minnesota's warm pad sounds and arpeggiated synths with G Jones minimalistic, grime beats. Download the EP for free via soundcloud.

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