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Top 20 House Music Tracks of 2013


By: Danny Kaufman

Top 20 House Music Tracks of 2013

It was quite a difficult task in picking our favorite house tracks of the year considering all the sub-genres involved now within house music. We went with the ones that we think you will want to listen to for many years to come not just the ones that were a big hit and you might just be really sick of by now.

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You may not agree with the entire selection and there may be some ones that we left out but we are completely certain that all 20 of these were absolutely essential for 2013.

1. Mr.Drive, Hot Since 82

Mr.Drive was the big hit this year for Leeds' based Hot Since 82 before he ever remixed Green Velvet's "Bigger Than Prince". Hot Since 82 pops up on our Top 20 list four times but Mr.Drive is the biggest one and it set the tone for 2013 with the big room Deep House sound that we just can't get away from.

2. Reverse Skydiving (Shadow Child Remix), Hot Natured featuring Anabel Englund

Hot Natured had their best year yet by putting out an album and by also doing a few live shows both in the UK & the US. On this release, Anabel Englund lends her gorgeous vocal to Hot Natured reminding us repeatedly throughout the song, "you don't have to jump to fly with me". On remixing duties, both Deetron & Shadow Child aka Dave Spoon were commissioned. Both of these guys turned in absolutely amazing remixes but Shadow Child gives us some absolutely psychedelic deep house that is on a level that few will ever attain.

3. Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix), Green Velvet

I'm not going to give you an intro or a background on this one as we all know this massive hit. There were t-shirts printed with the words "Walk Around Like You're Bigger Than Prince" and everyone posted their status on Facebook as the same at one time or another. This is undoubtedly one of the most "popular" house track all year long.

4. Bringing You Down, Jonas Rathsman

Swedish-born Jonas Rathsman had an essential mix on Radio 1 at the very beginning of the year with his label-boss Perseus and they introduced most of the electronic music world to the sound of Perseus' label French Express. On this special essential mix, our ears were introduced to "Bringing You Down" and the repetitive, soulful, hypnotic vocal on this begs you to play this song over and over.

5. Trace, Midland

Perhaps one of the sickest beats in house music produced all year long! Harry Agius aka Midland released this House banger earlier in the year on Aus Music and it stuck around all year long.

6. The End, Hot Since 82 vs Joe T Vannelli feat. Csilla

Co-produced by Italian house legend Joe T Vannelli, this gem was released in late October on the album "Little Black Book" but first heard by many at the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man in late August. "The End" samples "Need To Feel Loved" by Reflekt released back in 2005 and this remake is an outstanding one at best with a new vocal provided by Csilla.

7. Truth Capital T, Dusky

There were many Dusky tracks that had a huge impact in the house music world this year including Mr Man, Careless, and their Nobody Else EP but this one is a serious garage banger with minimal chords and fierce tech-house beats.

8. Claire, Clarian & Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber first blew our minds back in 2004 when he released "Stoppage Time". Fast forward to 2013 and he has unleashed an absolutely gorgeous tune by the name of "Claire" which he co-produced with Clarian.

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9. Uncertain Change (Maceo Plex Reconception Remix), Footprintz

Considered by some as one of THE songs of the conference at WMC this year in Miami, Maceo Plex doesn't know how to put out a bad or even mediocre song and his remix of "Uncertain Change" is no exception This is evident from the moment the dark synth line kicks in just past the minute mark. Lots of dark and lots of beautiful all mixed up just how we like it.

10. Ringo, Joris Voorn

When Joris Voorn switch over to House music from Techno around 2008, the house music community was treated to some great tech-house floor-fillers that were hammered all over the world. Here we are in 2013 and he has released what some may consider his swan-song.

11. Hot's Groove, Hot Since 82

12. Over and Out, KiNK Vs Marc Romboy

13. Isis (Magic Carpet Ride), Hot Natured featuring The Egyptian Lover

14. Rosario, EJECA

15. Untitled, Paul Woolford

16. Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix), Jimpster

17. Den Ratta, Ame feat. Vulkano

18. Scala, Agoria

19. Gotham, Ten Walls

20. Stop Gap, Simon Baker

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