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Yung Skeeter remixes Sunshines "Mariah" - EDM Download


Yung Skeeter remixes Sunshines "Mariah" - EDM Download

For a band hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Sunshine sounds more Californian than anything. Just as you’d imagine from the name, Sunshine’s fuzzy reverb-drenched indie rock takes you on a nostalgia-fueled summer day trip to the beach. It’s that timeless sound that makes you feel forever young, except you’re an adult now and you have to lie to your boss so that you can go to the beach. The band’s single, “Mariah,” off of their self-titled debut, really makes you want to call in sick. MTV calls Sunshine an airy take on My Bloody Valentine and Surfer Blood, which is a compliment that nobody would reject. The album features special inclusions from the likes of The Raveonettes, The New Pornographers, Woodie Taylor of Morrissey, and other heavyweights.

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But this is a dance music website, so before I bore you with my love of “guitar music,” let’s cut to the chase. LA’s own Yung Skeeter, a long time local favorite, has remixed Sunshine’s “Mariah” into a club heater. The unexpected combo of artists makes for a greatly effective hit for the late night crowd. Yung Skeeter, formally known as DJ Skeet Skeet, has DJ’d with Sunshine lead guy Trevor Risk many times over the years, which is how this all came together (Trevor is a killer DJ by the way). You be the judge, take a listen and download it for free below – this one’s on us.

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