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8th Annual Gem And Jam Festival In Tucson Feb 7-9th

8th Annual Gem and Jam Festival in Tucson Feb 7-9th

The annual Gem and Jam festival kicks off in Tucson Arizona next weekend, and this year Magnetic is making the trip out to our neighboring state to see what all the hype is about. Headliners of this year’s event include Mimosa, Purity Ring, The Motet, Random Rab, Boombox, and Thriftworks.

Like many festival in California, Gem and Jam is a festival that features more than just music- it celebrates art, performance, culture, and spiritual healing as well. The legendary Alex Grey and his wife Allyson will be painting live, as well as multi-media light show artist Johnathan Singer, and Bay Area favorites The Welch Brothers and Jonathan Solter.

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Gem and Jam festival plays an electric role in Tucson’s annual international Gem and Mineral Show, with events taking place all day and night during the second week in February. The Gem and Jam Festival in particular brings members of the festival community together from all over the US, yet still seems exclusive enough to avoid an over-blown commercialization. We are excited to see what The Do Lab has in store for us in Arizona next weekend!

Pre-sale tickets for the 3-day festival are still available at

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