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Ad Brown "Something For The Pain" Out Now on Black Hole Recordings - EDM News

Ad Brown "Something For The Pain" Out Now on Black Hole Recordings - EDM News

Every once in a while, something truly unique pops out of EDM culture and captivates my attention; like a shiny new penny in a fountain atop a mountain of dull, unrecognizable coin pieces whose reflections have fallen victim to the elements. Such is the case in British trance producer Ad Brown's debut album, 'Something For The Pain.'

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Something For The Pain is a beautiful & unexpected compilation of full-spectrum trance, diversified in sounds ranging from progressive, uplifting tracks to full-melody, harmonious counterparts. With over 100 demos and 30 months in the making, Brown was able to condense his astounding creations into 14 pristine pieces.

"I feel there is a 'too soon' and a 'too late' for a first artist album to arrive." Brown shares with us on the album completion. "It falls at a different point for every producer, but this feels like a good time for me." He continues, "Something For The Pain has taken no small amount of blood, sweat and tears to get sounding exactly the way I wanted it. Its also taken time, but as the saying goes, 'the devil is in the detail,' and I wouldn't have had its production any other way."

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The overture of the album is presented with the congruous vocals of Hannah Ray & Tess in 'Ready And Waiting' and 'More,' both tracks intended to rhythmically steady the mind in preparation for the ensemble of music to follow. As the album progresses into 'Thrive, a collaboration with Stan Kolev, the BPM picks up slightly and the tone shifts to a steady dance-ready track, holding true to the variation until the album interlude, at 'Sorry. This track offers a calming cleanse, pulling the listener from the feel-good, progressive tunes and plunging them into fully forced mainlines, completely transporting the remainder of the album into a euphoria focused variation.

The insatiable vocals of Kerry Leva on 'One More Night' & 'All I Need offer the most uplifting moments, offering stunning riffs and deep contrast to the album in its entirety. Magneticís favorite track, 'Lie Awake' featuring Hannah Ray, reveals the full capacity of Ad Brown as a producer- incorporating various sounds and textures, layering sounds to complete a full bodied piece of music.

Full length album available Here


Ad Brown is a British dance music producer/DJ, described by DJ Mag as the "go-to man" for progressive and enriched trance melodies. Ad Brown has gained attention & support from some of industry's biggest names, including Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery and more. He is known as "an artist truly in the moment, whose work promises to make you take a step back and wonder how you can re-think the entire genre."

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