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Beats Music Launches Next Week: Here’s Why We Think It’s Going To Be Useful For Music Blogging - EDM News

Beats Music Launches Next Week: Here’s Why We Think It’s Going To Be Useful For Music Blogging - EDM NewsHere’s Why We Think It’s Going To Be Useful For Music Blogging - EDM News

Photo: Beats Music's Ian Rogers, Trent Reznor & Jimmy Iovine via USA Today

For a couple of months now, Beats Music, the latest venture from Dr Dre’s infamous Beats Empire has been a key subject of discussion in revolutionizing the droll music streaming service industry.

Now, less than a week away from the official launch (Jan 21st), the honchos, CCO Trent Reznor and CEO Jimmy Iovine recently spoke to USA TODAY about the service.

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Here is what they are saying:

• “Creating a lifestyle around its brand”- Beats is taking an approach that is similar to Apple, finding a middle ground for artists and fans.

• Users will be given a PERSONALIZED selection of albums based on their daily activities and routines. I say that with emphasis because if you enter something like, “I’m about to get laid, and I need seductive sex music!” You could be doing the nasty to Robin Thicke or Barry Manilow.

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• It curates playlists for special occasions like holidays, deaths, milestone achievements, and activities.

Why We Think It’s a Game-changer?

As a music blogger, I am constantly on the lookout for new artists from all over the world to write about. With streaming services that are currently in the market, it’s hard to discover an artist based on moods, interests or a random thought. You have to dig deep into the web to find these “great artists”.

Beats Music, eliminates those problems. For example, if I said something like, “I want to listen to dreamy future electronic music from Australia” I could find 5 unknown artists similar to the likes of Flume, Hayden James and more.

But what else can it help a music blogger with, you ask?


Readers love lists. As a blogger, you know these are the type of posts that grab a reader’s attention, thereby getting clicks, meaning traffic increase. Beats Music playlists curating function gives bloggers the ability to curate blog posts with playlists for pretty much anything. So, if you are reading this, and write for Buzzfeed or Elite Daily or something of that sort, you’ve probably got a couple of ideas that your scribbling away, as we speak.

So yes, here’s to the bright future of music streaming and an overly saturated influx of music blog lists!

Here’s a cool idea- 7 tracks/artists/albums that NEED to be on the Beats Music catalogue. Get to work Buzzfeed!

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