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deadmau5 Calls Porter Robinson A "Little F#%king Dickhead" On Twitter

deadmau5 is back at it with some fresh beef.
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deadmau5 Calls Porter Robinson A 'Little F#%king Dickhead' On Twitter - EDM News

Days of 2014 - four.  Days of deadmau5 creating drama - two.  That's right, everyone's favorite shit talker, deadmau5, aka Joel Simmerdownman, is batting .500 when it comes to having beef on Twitter in the new year.

It all started with Porter Robinson tweeting something positive about Story, a nightclub in Miami. A fan, Ashley Candela, brought the 'mau5 into the feed, and then, well, you know...

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deadmau5 responded "if I tried any method of yours, I'd likely end up in bed with a 16 year old".

Eventually, Dillon Francis event chimed in, urging Porter and Mau5 "to go on a coffee run to settle this" and then admitting he wanted to be "inside" Joel.

It turns out, deadmau5 is not a cheap date, demanding that Francis at "least take him to dinner" before they became more intimate. Saucy!!!

Aren't you glad you read this? Please leave your comments in the space below. The very mild EDM beef seems to be sizzling this year.

source: yourEDM

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