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deadmau5' Soundcloud Page Is Still There, The Sounds Just Aren't - EDM News

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Screen Shot Of deadmau5' Soundcloud page on January 12th 2014

deadmau5' Soundcloud Page Is Still There, The Sounds Just Aren't - EDM News

The internet almost broke yesterday when word was spreading across EDM culture blogs that Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5, had deleted his 'fuckmylife' Soundcloud account. Zimmerman tweeted "RIP ... wow, 33 million plays on that... it was a good run!".

Fans reportedly received an "Oh No. Sorry, we can't find that user" message when they attempted to visit his page.

Today however, the page was back up. There were no sounds available to the public, but fans could still follow deadmau5 on Soundcloud. Links to his other social media sites where also visible. At this moment, Zimmerman has over 433,000 Soundcloud followers.

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In late 2013 deadmau5 launched what he described as a "suckscription" service, where fans could pay a monthly/yearly fee to gain access to exclusive music, content, and opportunities to chat with Zimmerman himself.

There's no word on why his Soundcloud account is back sans sounds, and if the 'suckscription' service had anything to do with the initial deletion.  We can only assume that 433k followers and 33 million plays is too much social media capital to just throw away.

This is not deadmau5' first social media yo-yo.  In November of last year he handed control his infamous Twitter account over to his management, only to take it back in December to attack a promoter and ticket prices. He has since been in at least two additional 'Twitter fueds'.

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