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Denver Nightclub DJ & Friends Start Website For "Stoner Bowl"- EDM News

Denver Nightclub DJ & Friends Start Website For "Stoner Bowl"- EDM News

The internet has been all giggles over the "Stoner Bowl" coincidence, but recently there seems to have been another peculiar occurrence that has everyone sparking.  We found a story that recently surfaced in The New York Times about, Bryan Weinman, a local nightclub DJ in Denver. He said that he and his friends, "got to joking about what happens if Denver and Seattle ended up in the S.B., how many endless puns would be made by the average individual"?

A few laughs over a couple of beers later resulted in this -

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According to reports from The Gazette, Weinman and company registered the website for $44 right before the Seahawks and Broncos won their conference championships. "They're now using the site to hawk T-shirts and hats celebrating the coincidence." Some of the shirts,"features Vince Lombardi Trophy, reserved for the game's victors, refashioned into a bong. Another features a spoof of the league's logo, with the letters "THC" — for marijuana's active compound — replacing "NFL."

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Apparently these dudes don't smoke weed, but realized it doesn't have to be consumed in order to reap its benefits. In this case, it can also be used as an effective marketing tool.

Though it seems Weinman isn't the only one capitalizing on this. The Duluth News Tribune  also reported that there happens to be that John King, a website designer from McAllen, Texas started with a friend. They also sell t-shirts with, "slogans like, “Pass, Pass, Puff!,” “The 2014 Stoner Bowl: Get Fired Up!” and his personal favorite — a riff on Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s on-field utterances — “Omahahahahaha.”

Wonder what would be a good one for Richard Sherman?

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