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EDM Download: Luxxury's Edit Of The Eagles "Hotel California"


Nasty. Heavenly. Sinister. Spiritual. Massive. Kinky. Angelic. Dominating. Robust. Serene. Forceful. Stimulating.   Those are the words I would use to describe Luxxury's new edit of the Eagles "Hotel California".  Edit isn't even the right word, unless by edit you mean "masterpiece".

EDM Download: Luxxury's Edit Of The Eagles "Hotel California"

I have no idea how he freaked this one but Luxxuy turned this classic rock song into a slow motion on syrup disco electro burner (my speakers are literally on fire as I'm writing this).  One thing I do know is he vocodered the fuhhh out of the vocals; giving a nice eerie robots on a "dark desert highway" type sound.

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Bravo Good Sir Baron Von Luxxuy the Great, you are a leader to the men that are born!

Take a listen and download below-

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