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Guess What Spotify Is Paying To Rent This Manhattan Office Space?


Guess What Spotify Is Paying For Renting This Manhattan Office Space?

Let's back up for a second. Remember when everyone was dissing on Spotify for not paying artists enough? Or the fact that the company is incurring severe losses?  Or Thom Yorke's infamous rant about  'new artists get paid fuck all'.

Well, according to the homies over at Digital Music News, "spiraling losses mean lots of plush office space. According to details now confirmed by Crain’s New York Business, Spotify is now adding a whopping 50,000 square feet to its already-75,000 square foot penthouse office complex in midtown Manhattan."

The annual rent on their new space - $9.4 million.

"Here are just some of the details of this ‘amenity packed’ high-end space, from real estate firm RXR.

Magnificent cast iron façade with dramatic arched entranceways, constructed in 1896.

Over-sized windows offering abundant light and air.

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Soaring 17’ ceiling heights.

Central lobby for office tenants clad in travertine marble with sophisticated dark wood and quartz stone concierge desk with 24-hour attendant.

Enhanced security with technologically advanced turnstiles.

A view that looks like this…

Guess What Spotify Is Paying For Renting This Manhattan Office Space?

Let the rants...BEGIN!

Source: Digital Music News

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