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Heineken Teams Up With Armin van Buuren "Dance More, Drink Slow" Campaign - EDM News

Heineken Teams Up With Armin van Buuren "Dance More, Drink Slow" Campaign - EDM News

Upon the release of his first 2014 single Save My Night, Mr. Trance aka Armin van Buuren has announced a new global campaign, partnered with Heineken. It's no coincidence the two releases occurred on the same day, it turns out that AVB's already-famed dance track is the center of the campaign, encouraging party-goers to practice moderation, and keeping themselves in control on their long nights out.

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"The reason I have partnered with Heineken on Dance More, Drink Slow is because we have a fantastic opportunity, and responsibility, to connect better with our audience and affect behavior change. Drinking responsibly is an important issue and being able to use music, specifically the "Save my Night" track, to innovatively deliver that message directly to fans on the dance floor is unique." - Armin van Buuren on 'Dance More, Drink Slow' Campaign

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The 'Dance More, Drink Slow' campaign is just the tip of the iceberg. This project is the entrance to a bigger picture, called "The Experiment." This social experiment will feature Armin van Buuren at the forefront of EDM culture. AVB will present two separate nights out in the same club, with two different types of DJ's. The experiment? To show consumers the influence of a DJ on their crowd, and ultimately to present the changes in behavior in club & party people based on the music presented to them. Any guesses to what the genres of music will be? We can only assumeÖ

Stay tuned for more on Dance More, Drink Slow & The Experiment in 2014!

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