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Imagine If You Had The Ability To Learn Music Like A Child Again - You Can! - EDM News

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Imagine If You Had The Ability To Learn Music Like A Child Again - You Can! - EDM News

Scientists at Harvard have discovered that Valporic Acid, a mood stabilizing drug, has another additional affect - it allows the human brain to absorb information as easily it did before age 7.

Want proof? Well NPR is reporting that the lead researcher, Takao Hensch conducted a study where adult men who took the drug, combined with music lessons, actually learned perfect pitch.

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Here is an excerpt of the article-

Hensch gave the drug to a group of healthy, young men who had no musical training as children. They were asked to perform tasks online to train their ears, and at the end of a two-week period, tested on their ability to discriminate tone, to see if the training had more effect than it normally would at their age.

In other words, he gave people a pill and then taught them to have perfect pitch. The findings are significant: 'It's quite remarkable since there are no known reports of adults acquiring absolute pitch,' he says"

So if you're struggling on that midi keyboard, wishing you paid better attention to your piano teacher, you may now be able to capture that information just like you were a child.

These findings are expected to translate to  other learning centers of the brain, like mathematics and language.

You can read the full article and interview with Takao Hensch on NPR.

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