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Indiloop & Beatstars Launch A Remix Contest So Easy Anyone Can Enter - EDM Culture

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Indiloop & Beatstars Launch A Remix Contest So Easy Anyone Can Join - EDM News

When it comes to most remix contests in EDM culture you have have to be a wiz at programs like Ableton and Logic. Not only that, but you better know your way around VST effects and other plug-ins to make your remix really stand out.

Well the teams over at Indiloop and Beatstars have come up with a contest where you can throw all that tedious software out the window and just have some fun laying out remixes of your favorite tracks.  All the stems/samples are broken down for you, so all you really need is an appreciateion of music and a creative mind to make it happen.

In this contest, you have the music of three different artists to choose from - The Jets, Bostich & Fussible and Alexander Spit.  You just have to select two stems form those artists in order to be eligible.  As an added plus you can also select any stems from Indiloop's A-List artists (from Beethoven to Hood Internet).

Boom you're ready to remix. Move the stems wherever, however you want and in about 5 minutes you can have a track laid out and ready to rock.  Easy breezy . . .

The prizes aren't chump change either, with the first place winner taking a $2000 and the second place winner grabbing $500.   The prize packs also feature Indiloop points and Beatstars sounds, so if you have skill you'll have everything you need to keep your newfound producer momentum going.

You can enter the contest here on Indiloop.

Bring your A game and who knows, we might see you on the touring circuit in no time!

Here are some more details:

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• To enter the contest fans will choose 2 stems from the three artists presented in the contest

• In addition, participants will be able to choose whichever stems they wish from Indiloop’s A-List

• Contest songs will be marked with specific contest badges on the songs page

• Once contestants have created their mix they will be able to publish them to Indiloop’s contest page

• Contest runs from January 15th – February 5th 2014

• Mix’s will be judged by Beatstars & Indiloop

• Winners will be announced by Magnetic via email, Twitter, Facebook, as well as by BeatStars & Indiloop

• Contestants are able to create as many mixes at they like provided they use the featured artists

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