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Lindsay Lohan To Start DJing. You Mad Bro? Then Do Something! - EDM Culture


Linsday Lohan To Start DJing. You Mad Bro? Then Do Something! - EDM Culture

Word on the internet is that Lindsay Lohan is thinking about becoming a DJ.  She is rumored to be working on an "EDM" album and sources are reporting that she was  at Pier 94 in NYC getting some pointers from Diplo during his Dec. 30th set. But,  before you think about booking the next flight off of Planet Earth to anywhere but here- relax, take a deep breath, and have a seat.   It's really no big deal.

Why? I come from the school of thought where, whatever your "scene" of choice is, it can only be as good as you make it.  If you sit at home, getting angry at the news that so-and-so is getting a gig here and that this DJ is making this amount a year, are you really helping anyone?


There's that old adage- "don't get mad, get even".  I wouldn't even say it's about getting even, it's about just doing your thing.  If Paris Hilton's residency at Amnesia really bothers you that much, rally the troops and organize a boycott. Even better, you could channel all that energy and do something positive, for you, your friends, and the music you love.

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Here are three ideas that come to mind-

1. Start a podcast

Technology has created the DJ Paris Lohans, it can also create  you.  Music, Garageband and a microphone is all you really need.  Record it once a week, once a month, whenever and share it with your friends.  If it's good and you stick with it, like minded people with gravitate towards it.

2. Start your own night

Sick of the Top 40 same old? Get some friends together and see if you can start a weekly/monthly off night at a local venue (bar, warehouse, etc).  Don't expect to make money, work hard at spreading the word (by talking to your friends, not spamming on Facebook), and play the music you and your crew dig.  Passion projects like these can remind you of why you're here, and if you're busy doing your thing, news of the next celebrity turned DJ won't bother you nearly as much.

3. Write for a blog/Start your own

"The pen is mightier than the sword".  Cover only the music that you want to cover and spread the word on the music that you feel.   If you put the time and energy spent being mad at LiLo and P-Hoe into a daily blog post about positive trends (music, parties, etc) in your scene, think about how much more productive that would be (and how much better you would feel).

Bottom line-

Don't let celebrity DJs get the best of you.  Stay focused on what you love, and work on contributing to that particular genre of music.  That way, when the next Lohan headline comes around, you'll be able to laugh it off and go back to doing what you do.

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