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Luca Pink And Toniko Team Up For "Troy"; Out January 27th Via Musical Noize - New Electronic Music


By: Los

Luca Pink And Toniko Team Up For "Troy"; Out January 27th Via Musical Noize - New Electronic Music

Italian based label Musical Noize has linked together two natives to put out this banger- One of them is a seasoned mixmaster with production emphasis towards EDM cultures harderstyles, Luca Pink. The other is a new talent on the rise who's gaining global recognition,Toniko.

This isn't the first time the duo have been called upon to present something for Musical Noize. Thier first collective studio sessions brought you "Bull (Original mix)", which emits a nice blend of those raw head splitting sounds you'll expect in electro house music, with the powerful percussive elements that makes the floor quake in hardstyle. The duo shared good chemistry in their collaborations, which in turn has brought them together for yet another progressive peice under Musical Noize, "Troy".

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Initially, the track has a dark feel to it, probably due to the essence that Luca brings into the project. The uniform rattle of the high-hats paints the picture of a hell storm of arrows clashing down onto prone shields. That shows just how good these two con lock into a groove. The bass kick roars in flowing well with erie sounds, giving you a sinister build up to the breakdown. The bridge consist of an orchestral, almost cinematic film score influenced arrangement, where these two take you into the shoes of a gladiator ready to rumble with titans.

Once the transition comes into it's final closing progression, the chants they've incorporated welcomes you to a war horn. Pink and Toniko have composed quite the battle cry with this drop. The cannon booming kick and trumpet drag you into the mix- just perfect for those festivals, that can require you to bring a lot more power to your sets.

Now, don't go on and polish up the battle armor if you're already feeling like Leonidas. Conquer the dance floor and snatch up a copy of "Troy", available to rock on January 27th.

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