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Magnetic Chats With Techno Heavyweight Adam Beyer At The BPM Festival

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By: Danny Kaufman

Photo Credit: Douglas Van Sant for the BPM Festival

Magnetic Chats With Techno Heavyweight Adam Beyer At The BPM Festival

On the 9th day of the BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, the current techno heavyweight Adam Beyer stepped aside from his Drumcode party at Kool Beach to answer a few questions we had for him regarding his first appearance at BPM and the rising success of his Drumcode label.

So how do you like BPM so far?

It’s cool. I haven’t seen that much to be honest. I’m staying a bit outside of the festival with my family. We played the Enter party which was really good and I came in here the other day to check out the club. It was a Toolroom party so that’s it but it seems cool from what I’ve seen.

Any good places to eat down here?

I haven’t been anywhere to eat down here because our villa has a full staff with a full time chef who makes three meals a day and everything so we kinda’ stay over there.

So this is your first time to BPM then?

Ya I was here last year in the same villa but we never even went into the festival.

Are you in Tulum?

It’s before Tulum in Puerto Aventuras.

What do you think sets BPM apart from WMC?

It’s a bit more mature and the big focus is on deep house & tech house music. In my opinion it’s a bit more about quality music.   I don’t really judge genres, but I like [BPM] because  it naturally draws more experienced people and less kids. Also the fact that you have a rainforest surrounding the area, you have to fly in so the younger generation generally can’t afford to come here. It’s a cool place to go.

Anything you like most about BPM so far?

Just that it’s a beautiful place here and you have party professionals coming here. It’s just a good energy about the whole thing.

Anything you dislike about BPM?

Being Swedish, I’m quite efficient with times and if I say a time I expect things to happen at that time and Mexican culture is a bit different. So sometimes it can be a bit difficult but I know this and expect this and understand that it is a bit more laid back.

So when did you get here?

I got here on the 4th and played Richie Hawtin’s party on the 5th at night.

Do you have a personal favorite DJ?

Everyone has their ups and downs and there’s people that I prefer to listen to. I like listening to my labelmates and the usual suspects such as Richie on a good night and (Marco) Carola as well.

Will you be going to Marco Carola’s party?

I might. Maybe even Day Zero. It’s out in the jungle. The place looks spectacular! I wanna’ go check it out but we have our kids here so we have to see how much trouble we can really get into.

Let’s talk about your music. Can we expect an artist album out anytime soon?

There is one planned but the music’s not ready for it yet so I don’t want to promise too much. I’ve been in the studio quite a lot lately. I’ve got a lot of tracks finished but I’m still adjusting them.

How about your label? Any new artists on the horizon?

I’ve signed a guy named Timo who’s Hungarian who’s pretty cool. Apart from that I’m trying to focus on our people because we have quite a large roster right now and everyone’s making great stuff so I’m not taking a lot of new people in. A lot of big records at the moment and it’s almost a bit scary because it’s hit after hit after hit and it’s not intentional. People are just really locked into the sound right now. But what goes up must eventually come down. I really wanna pace the label and spread it out a bit.

For today, can we expect a back to back set with your wife Ida Engberg?

Probably not with my wife, I think it’s going to be with me and Joseph (Capriati). I just got word we are going to extend for two hours until ten ‘o’ clock. I’ll play about two  to two and a half hours and then I’ll probably go back to back with Joseph until the end with some techno, we’ll see.

Photo Credit: Christopher Pearce for the BPM Festival

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Magnetic Chats With Techno Heavyweight Adam Beyer At The BPM Festival

Do you have any plans for the upcoming festival season that you can talk about?

Well it’s not confirmed yet but I think there’s more Enter this year which is great for us cause Ida and I go back to back and Richie seems to like that combination because we play a bit more dynamic when we play together. I play a bit less hard and it’s a great combination. Timewarp of course in April There are some things in Ibiza but nothing 100 percent confirmed It’s pretty much the usual circuit.

Describe your dream gig. When and where would it be?

I love playing in Ibiza. Amnesia is one of my favorite clubs. I’ve been playing a lot in the main room there over the years and I would love to play the terrace there. I think this year it may just happen.

We hear you will be moving to the U.S. soon. Can you confirm this?

We actually are in fact placing ourselves in the U.S for the next two and a half to three months. This will be a temporary move and we’ll be staying in LA. It was supposed to be New York but we realized that with the snow and the weather it would be better for the family to be in LA so that we wouldn’t be sitting inside for the next two months. So we’ll be in LA until March and then onto New York and of course we will be in Miami for the conference.

How about your upcoming gig schedule?

So next week I’m doing Pacha New York and I’m scheduled for a 10 hour set... I’ve done a ten hour set spontaneously before but this is the first ten hour set I’m being billed for so it will be interesting. I’m also doing Exchange in L.A. also and it’s been over a year since I’ve played in LA.  I played alongside Sasha for NYE 2013 there.


Special thanks to Adam Beyer and the BPM Festival for co-ordinating the interview.   The Drumcode Showcase debut at The BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with performances alongside Ida Engberg, Joseph Capriati, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Tom Peters is now available on-demand at Be-At.TV HERE.

Here are up coming Adam Beyer North American Tour Dates:

January 31 Philadelphia, PA @ Rumor

February 01 Miami, FL @ Story

February 07 Austin, TX @ Kingdom

February 08 Montreal, Canada @ Igloofest

February 28 Vancouver, Canada @ Celebrities

March 01 Toronto, Canada @ Coda

March 07 Washington DC @ U Street Music Hall

March 08 Denver, CO @ Norad

March 15 Brooklyn, NY @ Output

March 30 Miami, FL @ Space

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