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Markus Schulz Explains How He Can Play For 12 Hours Without A Bathroom Break - EDM News

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Marcus Schulz Explains How He Can Play For 12 Hours Without A Bathroom Break - EDM News

Speaking on his February 6th show at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood, trance DJ Markus Schulz gave a run down to the LA Weekly on why Los Angeles is such a great place to play and how he programs one of his legendary twelve hour sets.

He also answers the question everyone wants to know - how does one play for an extended set and not go to the bathroom?

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You've said it's not possible to do your extended sets everywhere, but it works here in L.A. Why?
To do an extended set, it has to be a cultural setting where people are educated. There are places where people aren't educated enough musically and so you have to play the obvious tunes and you can't go too far left or right. EDM culture in L.A. has a long history and it's thus an amazing place to play.

How do you deal physically with being onstage for 12 hours straight?
I don't drink alcohol while I'm playing. I just have some water or some iced tea, and I don't go to the bathroom at all. I sweat it all out. If you don't drink alcohol it makes it easier to not have to go to the bathroom. It's a physical and mental endurance test.

What's the secret to keeping the audience with you?
It's all about directing the vibe in the room. You can't be at 120 miles an hour all night long. You stay hot for 30 or 40 minutes, bring it down for ten and then bring it back up again. To go balls to the wall for a 10 hour set doesn't work. It's really about creating a journey of peaks and valleys, and the peaks are so much more dramatic when you bring it down a little bit before a big epic moment.

You can read the full interview at LA Weekly.

For tickets to Schulz' upcoming February 6th Scream 2 album release party and DJ set, visit Wantickets.

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