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Markus Schulz Will Make You SCREAM! Exclusive Mini-Mix Inside - New Electronic Music

Markus Schulz Will Make You SCREAM! Exclusive Mini-Mix Inside - New Electronic Music

Unicorns, beware-- EDM Guru Markus Schulz is back with an incredible sound. Scream 2, following in the late footsteps of Scream, released in 2012; is the genius soundtrack behind the world of Coldharbour Recordings. Largely composed of multiple songwriters & producers admired across the globe, Schulz has exclusively combined his international event experiences of 2013 with the best of the Coldharbour label.

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Scream 2 is scheduled to release on February 21, 2014 on Armada Music.

Here is a little something from the press release:
Markus Schulz announces that his much anticipated artist album, Scream 2, will be released February 21 on Armada Music. Scream 2 is simply massive; spanning 17 tracks that go beyond the boundaries of trance as we know it. Markus has put his heart and soul into a work that’s a complete album from start to finish and that features vocalists including the inimitable CeCe Peniston.

Since the release of his first Scream album in 2012, Markus' schedule has been relentless. A tour itinerary which included a 20-date bus tour across the United States, marathon sets lasting as long as 12 hours and with show stealing performances at the likes of the Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland and Transmission, his dedication to entertain and educate the art of DJing is greatly respected.

Markus Schulz will celebrate Scream 2 with than four special release parties - a sold out Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles on February 6, Markus' hometown of Miami at Mansion on February 7, his first ever open to close solo set experience New York City’s Pacha on February 8 and his residency at Ministry of Sound in London on February 14."

With over 10 years’ experience in progressive house & trance, Markus Schulz is no stranger to over-the-top production, and exceeds all expectations of modern EDM. The marriage of Coldharbour and Armada labels have catapulted his vision into a successful, independent record label; the radio podcast Golbal DJ Broadcast growing significantly every week.

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01 Reloaded
02 Revolution (with Venom One feat. Chris Madin)
03 Blown Away (feat. Liz Primo)
04 Remember This
05 Erase You (feat. Lady Vee)
06 Destino
07 Muse (feat. Adina Butar)
08 Dancing In The Key Of Life
09 Lord Knows (feat. Liz Horsman)
10 Fireworks (with Klauss Goulart feat. Paul Aiden)
11 In The Shadows
12 Make You Fall (feat. CeCe Peniston)
13 Mango
14 Mardi Gras
15 Gravity (feat. Amy Kirkpatrick)
16 Reflection
17 Towards The Sun (with Rex Mundi)

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