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Megan Sutherland's Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks - EDM Culture

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By: Megan Sutherland

Photo Credit: Minimal Effort from Tulum post BPM

Megan Sutherland's Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks - EDM Culture

Hope you enjoying this splendid sunny weather minus the fact there have been numerous earthquakes in the past week. Yikes, the end really may be near guys so you  better live it up. Real talk... I’m sure you will all be just fine, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t dance like you are white girl wasted somewhere in this lovely city.

MAGNETIC RECOMMENDS:Free DL - Luxxury's "Slow Edit Mixtape '78" 

If you need some suggestions, here are some disco innuendos that may tickle your fancy….


Megan Sutherland's Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks - EDM Culture


The Chic ones unite once again for another addition of PLAYGURL.  Come one, come all, but make sure you come correct and ready to worship a dancefloor with baby making good musique. San Francisco legend Ambrosia Salad headlines this enticing affair with others not to be missed.

“Rising from the sweat and glitter left from 2013. There is a new city. A city that unites and invites all it's people to stand freely. To march gayly. To dance triumphantly. PLAYGURL is the beacon in which all that enter are enveloped in energy and harmony.”
Hosted by thee lovely: Natology

“I put the ART in pARTy.”

Music by:

No cover

Disco, house and beyond. HOTT CITY is your future and your past.



Megan Sutherland's Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks - EDM Culture



No biggie….NOT! It's totally a big deal guys.
Just 2 of the best bands EVER having homage paid properly by local DJ faves.


LA superstar Aaron Castle will play a 2.5 hour set of LCD classics, remixes, and b-sides as only he can.

Silent Frisco founder Motion Potion will face off with his patented 3-hour extended set of Talking Heads-related material, including 7 of his own edits and remixes.

KCRW’s own Mario Cotto will open the night with a set of his patented 70’s psychedelic disco magic. Doors open at 9 p.m. and tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door and available now at

If these bands don't make you smile then you have no soul. Just saying…

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Megan Sutherland's Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks - EDM Culture


Last January, Split Secs came through and took the virginal VSSL warehouse party for a fucking RIDE.
It is now one year later, and the VSSL collective have honed in on their party god skills while Alexandre & TK have been sharpening their claws & building their arsenal.
The boys return to the controls Friday and are prepared to give 2014 a proper ringing in. If you caught them at Rhondapolis on NYE, or at their own recent warehouse party, Machine, you know what I'm talking about. Putting the FUN in FUNK with raw industrial grooves that'll have you drenched in sweat from liberating those limbs all night in the impressive undisclosed location.
RSVP for a NEW, different, secret, private warehouse location:
Oh, and to celebrate the return of the Secs, the first 50 people through the door are paying just $5. Bring a (cheap) date.

The Return of Split Secs (Machine Limited, Extended Set) 
Nightchilde / Genevieve D / Remy Marc
11pm - LATE
Evidence gathering by Paisley Bruise Photography


Megan Sutherland's Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks - EDM Culture


MINIMAL EFFORT may be the name, but MAXIMUM fun and eminent musical selections are what you should expect. A new night with some of my favorite people commences this Saturday @ 10pm and doesn't stop till the sun rises (for the extreme party savages).

Bringing the addictive waves of electronic music, the following warehouse event series hosts a destination for underground music lovers. MINIMAL EFFORT bends and shapes to suit genres held dear to all house music connoisseurs. Held every month starting January 18th in an industrial private setting, Minimal Effort will be hosting talent from around the globe.

B A L C A Z A R & S O R D O
Starting off the year with: fresh-from- FLYING CIRCUS 's NYE in Tulum,Balcazar & Sordo will be inaugurating our first installment. The mexico-based duo is undoubtedly a force to reckon with in the future, with the support from legendary labels such as King Street Sounds, No.19, Noir, Get physical, Hot waves to name a few. They have shared stages with big talents such as M.A.N.D.Y , Audiofly, M.A.N.F.L.Y etc.

Peep the ROOM SESSIONS right here

+ a very SPECIAL GUEST!!! (this shit is really special, no joke.)

Local support by
Low Tide (Music is 4 lovers)
MD (Underrated/ The Basement)
Human Resources (Underrated)
Photos by: Paisley Bruise
MUST RSVP FOR ENTRY. Limited amount of presales available here.


Megan Sutherland's Los Angeles Weekend Event Picks - EDM Culture


Oh my GOTH…

It's that time again creatures of the night with a passion for eclectic brooding beats. Sunday's remain simply fresh to death with the Overthrow's fashionably fierce residency at downtown location One Eyed Gypsy. Not gonna lie, I do miss the presence of the vintage skee ball machines a bit, but the new space from their absence has already been filled with even more alluring faces to battle on the noir dance floor. With an always evolving cast of dj characters from all over the damn globe you never really know what to expect, but trust, you are in for a sexually charged sinister treat. One ferocious fusion of audio and visual art, LIL DEATH caters to many walks of life. The common thread being an appreciation for astral tunes.


† † † Fea†uring † † †

P 1 P Ξ S > 

W 1 L K S >

Praise la pe†i†e mor†. Long live †he new flesh...

† † † Lil Dea†h Residen†s † † †
Ŧ Δ M Δ R Δ _ S K Ψ > J Ø S H _ L Ξ C Δ S H >

Minis†er of Ceremonies: 
Z _ B Δ R Ø И > (DBC)Hos†ed by L1L_DΞΔŦH's technoshamans:
C Δ L Ξ B _ G Δ U G Ξ > 
Δ L Ξ X 1 S _ M 1 И C Ø L L Δ > 
S Ŧ Ξ V Ξ И _ G R 1 F F 1 И > Screen pho†o boo†h by:
 Rony's Photobooth & Ø V Ξ R Ŧ H R Ø W

 $5 boilermakers (beer † sho† of Jameson whisky)

>>> All Nigh† >>>
$15 bucke†s of beer (5 beers per bucke†) |
Join †he ØVΞRŦHRØW crvsade:

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