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Mike Doughty Explains Release Of 'EDM' Elliot Smith Tracks

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EDM DOWNLOAD: Mike Doughty Trolls EDM Culture With 3 16 Year- Old EDM Tracks; File Under Super Retro Techno

Fomer Soul Coughing front man, Mike Doughty responded to an ongoing controversy this morning in an interview with the Williamette Weekly. Mike claims to have recovered a tape of the late Dreamworks signed singer/songwriter, Elliot Smith’s vocal recordings from sixteen years ago.

Under his new beats-focused side project, UUL, Mike uploaded three tracks on his Soundcloud with Smith’s vocals. According to reports in the LA Times, “The two laid down an accapella tracks that Doughty said were intended for something hip-hop and electronic-inspired. The tapes then went missing and the collaboration never materialized.”

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However, Mike explains to The Williamette Weekly “The tape was lost because I'm a mess as an archivist. When I find things, it tends to be when I'm moving, which is how I found Elliott's vocals. This is an example of the suitcases and boxes of VHS tapes, DAT tapes, cassettes, micro-cassettes, notebooks, CDs, not sorted by era, that I've kept:”

Further reports say, The tracks have been labeled as “EDM production that probably sounded outdated even back in the late 90’s, when Doughty recorded the vocals—acappella and through an uber-expensive binaural head microphone—at a studio in L.A. Doughty only got around to laying down the beats last November, when he unearthed the long-lost tape containing Smith's recordings.”

The “EDM” productions seem to have pissed a lot of fans off and, they “are taking this personally.”  Smith committed suicide in 2003.  He still maintains a loyal following.

Smith’s vocals  on the released tracks seem to be rooted from a conversation that him and Doughty were having during their recording session, they are looped around a lot. The beats are light, spacey and wonky techno-centric.

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Listen to/grab the EDM downloads here:

Source: The Williamette Weekly

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