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My Question—Why Didn't I Go To Camp Question Mark And Listen To MiHKAL? - EDM Download

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By: Hanna Jalawan

My Question—Why Didn't I Go To Camp Question?

This mix, recorded live from Burning Man's Camp Question Mark 2013, is perfect for pre-games and late nights. Void of the obnoxious horns and honks often associated with trap, this mix is easy on the ears. Stand-out tracks include Antiserum & Mayhem's "Let's Go," which also happen to be the only two words in the song.

Why Drake and Kanye are featured in this mix is beyond me, but it's more than made up for.

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Recorded Live @ Camp Question Mark... Burning Man 2013

~ Tracklist ~

Thugli ~ Run This
Gladkill ~ Like a Pro
MiHKAL ~ Gettin' After iT
Hood Prisms ~ Light Me Up (Chrome Wolves Remix)
G Jones & Mad Zach ~ Boss Levels
Fidser ~ Zero Gravity
Boombox Cartel ~ Shrapnel
ChrisB. ~ Jigglin'
Flaxo ~ Riddim
UZ feat. Casey Veggies & Iamsu ~ Turn Up / UZ ~ Untitled
Zion-I ~ Human Being (Butch Clancy Retwerk)
thefaded ~ Top Down Shit (return of the bubbles)
Mr. Carmack x Arnold ~ Muney (Gimme Dat) (LOUDPVCK Edit)
Boombox Cartel ~ Down Low (feat. Ian Everson & Monty Cold)
Chief Keef ~ Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)
Antiserum & Mayhem ~ Let's Go
Drake ~ We'll Be Fine (Dubvirus & DJEDi Remix)
Kanye West ~ Clique (GIL COOL MiX)
Minnesota & G Jones ~ Be Alright

Artwork by: Mugwort Designs

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