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Pasquale Rotella On Drug Use, Daft Punk And 'Under The Electric Sky' - The EDC Las Vegas Documentary


Pasquale Rotella On Drug Use, Daft Punk And 'Under The Electric Sky' - The EDC Las Vegas Documentary

Under The Electric Sky is a new documentary from Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz that examines one of EDM culture's most famous festivals - Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. It was premiered this month at the Sundance Film Festival.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the film is a chronicle of last year's massive EDC and shows how much of a "spectacle" the three day long festival has become.

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In a recent interview with the Times, Pasquale Rotella, the CEO of Insomniac Events which presents EDC among other EDM culture events, is quoted as saying:

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“It’s an at event, it’s a music festival, it’s a place where people go to get away from their problems; it’s a place people go to find themselves. It’s about being human and being alive and connecting and expressing your individuality.”

Electric Daisy Carnival, which moved to Las Vegas in 2012, has also been the subject of scrutiny surrounding the common perception that electronic music festivals are grounds for rampant substance abuse.

On this, Rotella says “unfortunately those are problems in society; those are problems where you gather large amounts of young people whether it be college campuses or events".

Dan Cutforth, who was also at the interview, added it's “a misconception that this music is designed to be experienced when you’re on drugs. The movie hopefully dispels that because it’s an incredibly powerful visceral experience not only to hear the music but to feel it.”

This year, the Electric Daisy Carnival returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 20th through the 22nd. When a fan in attendance at the Sundance screening asked if Daft Punk will be playing EDC in 2014, Rotella would neither confirm or deny the rumor, stating simply that the lineup had not been finalized.

Under The Electric Sky is currently seeking distribution.

You can read the complete article on the Los Angeles Times.

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