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Preview New Electronic Music From Avicii And Audra Mae "Dreaming Of You"

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Preview New Electronic From Avicii And Audra Mae "Dreaming Of You"

Avicii just gave a middle finger to all his haters by doubling down on the polarizing sound found on his most recent album True.

How so you ask? By keeping it country and bringing back Audra Mae for some more good old Americana-like vocals. The new track is called "Dreaming Of You" and he's shared about a two minute preview. It doesn't seem to have the same bite as "Addicted To You", but it's worth taking a listen as there's more of an 80s vibe on the track.

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Yes, 80s and country... We'll wait to pass judgement until the whole song is out, but you gotta give it up to the brother for trying something different.  No word on the release date yet.

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