This Is The Best Skrillex Vocal Effect Tutorial Video EVER - EDM News


This Is The Best Skrillex Vocal Effect Tutorial Video Ever, Eva, EVAH! - EDM News

Now before you thumb your nose and this and claim your youtube tutorial "I've seen this one before" master status, this is a new take on an older video that gives you a more updated sound. Don't produce? Well even just fans of new electronic music can take something away from this.

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It's called "Best Skrillex Vocal Effect Tutorial" and when they said best, boy do they mean best. The tutorial is just over six minutes long, and it touches on all of the finer details most tutorial videos miss.

This means you'll be coming out the studio sounding like Sonny in no time if you watch this vid. And don't thank us for sharing this, thank yourself for taking the time to learn the magic of music.

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