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Top 10 Bass/Trap Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

We recap the best of the week with tunes by Mr. Carmack, Wave Racer, Kaytranada, Conrank and more.

Top 10 Bass Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

What's up everybody? Taylor Barnes here with my first top 10 tracks of 2014. This week's list is a good blend of both the more melodic and heavier styles of bass music.

1. Song Always (Wave Racer Remix) - Panama
There seems to be a huge surge of incredible new styles of electronic music coming out of Australia (Flume, Ta-Ku, What So Not), and Wave Racer is the newest artist representing this scene. This remix is a prime example of Wave Racer's style featuring chopped up and transposed vocals with wavy, panned synths, and complex fills and little additions throughout it all.

2. Cartridge ft. Goldfinger (Conrank Remix) - DJ Cable
Conrank is a part of the new movement of bass producers like G Jones, Doshy, and Mad Zach making crazy, off-kilter beats that are heavily influenced by UK grime. This remix maintains the vocals as the focus of the song and the bass heavy grime beat complements the vocals extremely well.

3. Takeover - Village
Lush synth sounds over a hip-hop beat with a Mac Miller acapella ("Donald Trump") are what earned this track a spot in my top 10.

4. Reputation - Mr. Carmack
"Reputation" is the last song Mr. Carmack was able to bounce off of his laptop before he lost it somewhere around the Los Angeles area. Djemba Djemba has offered a $4,000 reward to whoever finds it, no questions asked. Be sure to listen to this with proper headphones or a subwoofer for the full experience.

5. When The Time Comes - KRANE 
Plastician's Terrorhythm label recently released a free compilation showcasing all of its talented artists. This track by KRANE was my favorite off the compilation because of its the way that it ebbs and flows creating a unique aural experience for the listener.

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6. Flash Wiggles - Doshy & Conrank
"Flash Wiggles" sounds like it was taken straight out of a science fiction film involving crazy alien creatures or robots of some kind. This is a weird one, but I love it.

7. Sunny Lemonade - 813
813's style is in the same vein as Wave Racer due to his use of shimmering synths and catchy vocal samples, and this song features both of those extensively.

8. Hilarity Duff - Kaytranada
The simple yet strangely mesmerizing oscillating lead featured in this track is what made me pick it. This one is definitely more on the chill side of things. Be sure to use proper headphones or a sub when listening to this one.

9. Make It - Snakehips
The vocal sample and heavy brass sounds featured on this track are what made it stand out. I also really enjoyed the breakdown at 1:08.

10. Lie 4 (Flamingosis Remix) - Danny Brown
Flamingosis successfully transformed Danny Brown's "Lie 4" into a soulful, syrupy smooth work of art. Really chill vibes on this one.

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