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Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Dwight Noise

Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Howdy y'all! Here we are again, and I have the opportunity to make a forced statement like blah blah blah blahstartyournewyearoffrightwith blah blah. There were a TON of great releases through the new year and I have a wide variety of steppers to bring your way.


Take a listen-

1. "Collide", Skrux & Bone N Skin ft. Duelle
This is an extremely well constructed song in every way. There is a perfect harmony of every element to create a song that is euphoric and aggressive. Impressive.

2. "Tumble", Crime Spoons
The intro promises a banger with its raw street beat and dub skanks, and sure enough, Crime Spoons delivers. Perfectly layered and no more complicated than it needs to be, this song has all the makings of a classic stepper tune.

3. "Golden", Ital Tek
...okay I know I made fun of making Christmas puns when doing these things but a new Ital Tek track was a great present for us all. I can't write anything that will do justice to how amazingly unique and groovy this track is, so ignore my ramblings and LISTEN TO IT ALREADY.

4. "Hold Up feat. Nipsey Hustle (Crizzly Remix)", Marion Band$
At this point, I think Crizzly should be a genre all by itself. I don't know of anyone else in the game who can flip dirty tracks while staying true to the original quite like him.

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5. "From The Skies", :Dface
I feel like an eagle soaring through the skies when I listen to this anthemic song, which is awesome except that when it ends I turn back into a human who can't fly so now I have to listen to this song until I can find a way back down. This is a totally okay situation, because this is a really beautiful track.

6. "Like You", Tincup
This is a heavy and wonky song with plenty of dirty south flavor that hits hard. The snap breakdown in the middle is so hype I actually put my hands up. I guarantee this song will get your hands up as well.

7. Come Clarity (Strix Reinterpretation), In Flames
I creep on /r/dubstep pretty regularly because there are plenty of gems like this. A very deep remaking of a great song. Strix does an amazing job here.

8. "Sanity", Fractal
I love songs that are more story than tune. This song is an incredibly journey, although of what I cannot say. Perhaps "Sanity" is a glimpse into a world of wonders that our minds cannot comprehend because of the stresses we force on ourselves as a modern society. You may hear this song and interpret something completely different than I do, and that's what makes it so amazing. This got a little bit too deep. I LIKE FRACTAL'S BEEP BOOPS.

9. "WINTVR", Savo x Portanexus
Incredible to hear two very young producers team up to make a track this soulful. It's hard to listen to this song and not remember childhood memories of sledding and playing in the snow. Beautifully done.

10. "Presha", Boy Kid Cloud & P0gman
I was shuffling my shoulders the entire time I listened to this track. This song is the very essence of dubstep. Big ups.

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