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Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Dwight Noise

Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Howdy everyone! Back at it with another week of great songs, in no particular order. This brought a lot of high intensity songs, which is great for all of us getting hit by Polar Vortex Part 2 on the east coast. Put on your headphones and shovel some snow to these tracks!

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1. Reeves Raymond ft Alex Staltari & Diana "Brighter Lights" (Culture Code Remix)
Every single element of this track is really masterfully created and mixed together to create a very epic and beautiful lovestep track. Amazing work.

2. Deuce & Charger "Always Broke" (TYR Remix)
Sadly, this is probably the truest anthem for most of us. TYR did a great job here of mixing different feels of garage, soul, and dubstep.

3. D.Beam "Black Eyes "(Twine Remix)
This song blasts off like a rocket and never slows the intensity. The second half of the song is a very hype take on mixing heavy dubstep with dirty beats. Banger!

4. Direct "Parallax "
I'm really digging this spaced out chill piece. Very simple, and yet very complex. This is a beautiful track.

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5. $yrup "Tyro "
$yrup has definitely been one of my favorite up and coming artists, and his versatility should make him a favorite everywhere. He masterfully sets an ominous tone, and follows it up with an absolutely mental drop.

6. Fifi Rong "Over You" (Dcult Remix)
If you were wondering if a song could be intense and mellow at the same time, here's your answer. More of a journey than a song really, and I'm grateful for that.

7. Savoy w/Bright Lights "So Bad"
This whole release is sooooooo good yall. I'm a huge fan of Savoy in general, but whenever they meet up with Bright Lights you know that a gem is gonna be made.

8. Glockwize "Crime Wave "
Another excellent mix of heavier dubstep with dirty south beats. This track is stank right from the beginning and never lets down for a second.

9. Document One "Embers "
WHOA. This song is absolutely mental, and also absolutely melodic. The prog metal synth runs put a big smile on my face.

10. Coldplay "Paradise" (Apatchi Sound Remix)
I love the direction Apatchi Sound took for this remix, and I'm glad he didn't turn it into a full on heavy banger. The restrained intensity of this song makes it a real beaut.

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