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Top 10 Favorite Free EDM Downloads This Week

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By: Hanna Jalawan

Top 10 Favorite Free EDM Downloads This Week

You can stop refreshing the Soundcloud profiles of your favorite DJs now. This is a multi-genre compilation of this week's gold. Delete those photos of your ex and make room for all this free new electronic music. Enjoy!

Sango Feat. Gaiola Das Popozudas, "Me De Amor"
Flawlessly layered, Sango doesn't disappoint with this refreshing track. Don't bother trying to figure out the lyrics because sometimes the best things are the things you don't understand (yeah, I'm deep). No hesitation in giving this track the top spot. Thank you Sango. Dadadada dadada da da.

Keys N Krates, "All The Time"
The Canadian trio does something beautiful with Hippie Sabotage's "Stay High." Listen to the original when you want some downtempo beats, but blast this for all other occasions. Genius.

Snails & ETC!ETC!, "RUBBR"
Oh my this track is trap. Heavy bass punctuated by funky melodies, this song incorporates all the elements of trap we know and love. Every DJ needs to do themselves a favor and add this to their set and everyone else needs to thank the Montreal based producer for providing us with the free download.

Mystress, "For Zeus"
Despite the title, this track is for everyone who enjoys fresh beats and an oh so heavy bass. Is it trap, electro, future bass? I don't know and I don't care. Just download it. Thanks Mystress.

Flume & Lorde, "Sleepless Club" (WEKEED Remix)
I thought I was going to hate this, but I don't. I thought this was going to be overdone, but it's not. This mashup of Flume's "Sleepless" and Lorde's "The Love Club" is pleasantly upbeat. The consistent sprinkle of Lorde's vocals adds a smoothness that makes this track more than just another Flume mashup.

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HeRobust, "Get Busted"
When I first saw HeRobust at a small venue in Northern Mississippi, he was opening for Gramatik. While I retain no memories from Gramatik's set, I can say with confidence that HeRobust's set could have belonged to a headliner. Teetering between dubstep and trap, he keeps things interesting with this track by slapping you in the face with a new sound at two-second intervals. Club banger.

Little Dragon, "Ritual Union" (PRFFTT & Svyable X Manila Killa Remix)
Sit back and slow things down with this Little Dragon rework. As much as I love the original, this remix emphasizes the vocals and surrounds them with silvery soft harmonies that enhance the entire experience of listening.

Kyla La Grange, "Cut Your Teeth" (Kygo Remix)
The 22-year-old Norwegian producer incorporates his signature melodies in his latest track. I'd like to take this moment and thank Kygo for all the free downloads and the playlists I've made out of them. I recommend you do the same.

Gold Panda, "Fifth Ave"
Light a few candles, take a few breaths and chill for a few minutes. No vocals, no problem.

Vindata, "Guest Mix"
The artistic collective, created by Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress, brings us this multi-genre 55-minute mix. A personal favorite featured on the mix: Cosmo's Midnight, "Goodnight." While the mix shares many of the same tracks featured on RL Grime's Halloween mix tape, the vibe is unquestionably different.

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