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Top 10 House Music Releases This Week

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By: Danny Kaufman

Top 10 House Music Releases This Week

Here we are with another 10 solid house jams to present you this week. All being very deep and slightly dark with warm undertones as we roll into the middle of winter.

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1. “Nightmare” Point Sole & Grosstone, Sincopat

Off of the 13th release from the brilliant Sincopat Been Touched Series and at the top of our house music chart, we have Point Sole & Grosstone unleashing a genius piece of hypnotic house music set to warp your mind and confuse your senses. Out now exclusively on Beatport.

2. “Eclipse” Rick Wade, Big Bait Records

Second on the list this week we have none other than one of the masters of Deep House out of Detroit, Rick Wade. Only available on vinyl through Big Bait Records for all you vinyl purists.

3. “Everytime (Leon Remix)” Newbie Nerdz, Gruuv

Italian DJ & producer “Leon” has been making quite a bit of noise lately with his solid releases on various labels along with some notable DJ gigs as of late including his multiple appearances at BPM in Mexico alongside Marco Carola at his Music On party. This ground-shaking tech-house groover is sure to stick around for a while.

4. “Talisman” Massimo Cassini & DJ Simi, Aella Music

More badass tech-house out of Italy this time from a collaboration between Massimo Cassini and DJ Simi who have appeared on labels like Suara, Brise, Kina Music Sanity, Sleep Is Commercial and so on… Out now exclusively on Beatport.

5. “No More Games” Rhythm Operator, Vicario Musique Recordings

This new single from LA based Calvin James aka Rhythm Operator has just the right amount of deep and soulful elements. The release includes remixes from Casual Encounters, Urulu, & Sebastien Vorhaus & 4004. Out now on Vicario Musique Recordings

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6. “It’s Raining From The Ceiling” Junktion, Outplay

More deep & sexy downtempo house music from Junktion out now on Outplay exclusively through Beatport.

7. “Say Goodbye” Alex Boneti, 324 Records

324 Records starts off 2014 with Alex Boneti’s Say Goodbye EP. Say Goodbye is a deep yet slightly funky house cut with just a bit of nu-disco flair.

8. “After Dark” Fog & Replika, Frole Records

Another deep house jam this week on the top ten. This time from Fog & Replika on Frole Records and available on vinyl or digital download from Juno.

9. “Igelit Shoes” Martin Waslewski, Sunset Handjob

Another deep jam to present and this one has gained early support from the likes of DJ Sneak & Davide Squillace. Out now exclusively on Beatport.

10. “Should I” Mass Digital, Vainglory Recordings

Serbian label Vainglory Recordings puts out their first release of the year from a newcomer named Mass Digital. “Should I” has those hypnotizing vocals with deep pounding rubbery bass.

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