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Top 10 House Music Tracks of the Week

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By: Danny Kaufman

Top 10 House Music Tracks of the Week

Take note because the current state of house music is getting deeper & more techy as we start rolling further into winter. We've got 10 more new tunes this week just in time for you to take along with you to BPM, unless of course you're already there and dancing away to them as I write this. Stay warm & Happy BPM!


1. "Keep A Movin'" Tiger Stripes, Desolat

The top tune for me this week is also the top EP for me as well. "Keep A Movin" comes off of the Sisters EP which is to be released next Monday off of Desolat out of Germany. This EP also features the title track as well as a hard-hitting remix from none other than tINI. Expect to hear all of these selections hammered out in heavy rotation both at tINI & Loco Dice's parties out at BPM.

2. "Ometeo (Dyed Soundorom Abuelita Mix)" Dan Ghenacia, Apollonia Music

Dan Ghenacia has another solid outing with the 11th release off of Apollonia's own self titled imprint. We like the original by Dan himself but it's Dyed's remix of it that has us paying very close attention. Keep your eyes out for Apollonia and if you're lucky enough to be at BPM this Wednesday, then we suggest checking them out at Fusion Beach Club.

3. "Between The Lines (Matthias Meyer Remix)" Acumen, Time Has Changed Records

Out this coming Sunday is Acumen's brand new EP entitled "Between The Lines" and on this release, we are treated to a fantastic revision by Mr Matthias Meyer.

4. "Eclipse (Original Mix)" Night Talk, EYM

Night Talk out of Switzerland impress us with the follow up to their first release on their own imprint, AYM. Both "Eclipse" & "Gomorra" are equally solid but "Eclipse" is the one we prefer due to it's gorgeous swirling melodies that melt all over smooth dark basslines.

5. "Live At Palladium" Phil Weeks, Robsoul Recordings

We love just about anything that samples Marvin Gaye and Phil Weeks' "Live At Palladium is no exception.

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6. "Trapped (Gaol Remix)" Georgeous feat. John Gray, Depaart

Next on the list, we have Georgeous out of Spain getting remixed by labelmate Gaol. This tune has little bits of everything including a little melody, soul, synth stabs, and heavy percussion all rolled up into a fine little house tune that could easily fit into any type of set.

7. "Tuliamero (Antoni Bios Remix)" Ahmet Mecnun, Undertechnical Recordings

Out on Friday on Undertechnical Recordings, we have here a fine slice of rough & tech-house sure to keep any dance floor movin'. The remix we prefer here is provided courtesy of Antoni Bios thanks to it's sporadic drum rolls and fills that keep this tune chugging along.

8. "You Almost Look Real" FlutterByOne, Basilar Records

Out now and available to download for free thanks to the kind folks at Basilar Records. Of the two tracks available for free download, we pick "You Almost Look Real". A haunting and upbeat tune which are two characteristics that rarely go together.

9. "I Found Treasure (side b)" Clif Jack, Gimmick Records

For the last tech-house dish of the meal this week, we have Clif Jack with "I Found Treasure". Of the the three versions available on this release, we prefer the side b version thanks to it's minimal yet strong bassline that hooks you and never lets you go till the end.

10. "Watchin You" Nicolai Toma & Marlon Hoffstadt, WellDone! Music

Rounding off our top 10 this week, we have the sunniest release out of all our picks this week. "Watchin You" is that one tune that keeps asking "Is it Summer Yet?" Not quite, but this sure makes it feel like it is.

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