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Top Ten Techno Tracks Of The Week - New Electronic Music

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By: Kirk Williams

Top Ten Techno Tracks Of The Week - New Electronic Music

How’s everyone’s January getting on? Seems pretty great so far! All the tours are being announced, shows are being set up, and I hope you are all snagging tickets at early bird prices. None of the techno titans nor any of the up and comers seem to be wasting any time, there are some solid releases and notable albums coming down the 2014 pipeline! This week we’ve got definite techno bangers that’ll take over your body and get you doing things you never thought you could. On with the show!

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1. “Let’s Go Dancing (Adam Beyer Remix)” Tiga vs Audion, Turbo Recordings
Adam Beyer has remixed something special, and my god is it aggressive! It’s got a lot of attitude, and it certainly feels like it could slap you around, and you’d be into it...

2. “Push On” Light Year, Turbo Recordings
This is that special something that will lead you on through the after-hours. Light Year is an Aussie who has proven himself, and now he’s come back stronger with an EP that has a distinct sound including punchy grooves surrounding vocals full of soul. This song screams that Light Year knows how to take a party through the darkest hours of the night.

3. “Time Travel Spies (Craig Richards Remix)” Quilla, Visionquest Records
It’s eery, it’s spooky, and it makes me think of monsters… This minimal techno masterpiece has all sorts of creepy evil hiding in its sinister sounds. I mean, the title is pretty perfect, you’ve got some espionage on the temporal plane going on, you think it’s not going to get monstrously weird?

4. “Yoli (Vox)” PROJECT AKC, Soma
A strong big room techno banger, this thing gets after it and stays after it. With a well defined groove, this song will sustain any dance floor frenzy through the night with its dubbed out percussion, heavy delays and repeating snare rolls.

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5. “Love Nation SC Edit“ Carlo Lio, Intec Records
A throbbing rhythm, littered with seductive vocals that almost seem like whispers in a crowd, this song simmers, sizzles, and seizes the inner party animal. You’re guaranteed to have a good time. Would work well in both techno and house music sets.

6. “The Effects Can Last Forever (Heads)” Quantum Entaglement, Vakant
A duo of chess playing friends came together and they made something beautiful. It’s a heater that does its thing well enough, but that break down… It’s well placed and makes this song a sophisticated success.

7. “Say My Name” J. Phlip, Dirtybird Records
I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit I have a huge crush on J. Phlip. She’s one of the best dirtybird has to offer behind the decks, and this tune aptly describes how she works a crowd, if you catch my drift. Get the EP and you’ll also enjoy the remix she does that is described as a cinematic acid trip. Need I say more?

8. “Block” Charles Fenckler, Soma
Starts soft, has a confidence, and then steals the scene… This will focus any dance party, because Charles Fenckler clearly has an agenda to control that dance floor...

9. “Don’t Like Me” Tim Green, Cocoon Recordings
We’re going a little deep on this one people, so forgive me if you dispute its techno tenets. An adventurous jam, it goes all over the place, and I have to say its quite the exploration… I’m not sure if it’s telling you not to like it, or if it’s concerned that you don’t like it… In any event, I doubt Tim Green cares, he knows what he’s doing.

10. “Project 9” Dantiez Saunderson, Frequenza
Project 9 has a lot of energy, and it builds a strong foundation that allows you to get wild. It seems to never stop its upward trajectory, and I couldn’t be happier with how high it gets me!

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