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Watch How Daft Punk 'Could' Have Flipped The Sample To "One More Time" - EDM News

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Watch How Daft Punk 'Could' Have Flipped The Sample On "One More Time" - EDM News

While Daft Punk denies sampling "More Spell on You" by Eddie Johns on "One More Time", it becomes pretty apparent something's not legit after watching this Youtube video. It's called "Daft Punk - One More Time : Sampled Recreation Rundown" and it's on Sadowick Productions' channel.

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Basically it's a run down from recording the sample to applying the effects to make the finished product. Sampling nerds have been debating this for years, but a quick look and listen has us thinking the sample was definitely used.

Judge for yourself-

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Source: Gizmodo

EDM cultures's infamous thief, Will.i.Am, could not be reached for comment.

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