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5 Producers Who Changed Their Alias To Make House Music

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above: Shadow Child, a house producer who went by the name Dave Spoon

5 Producers Who Changed Their Alias To Make House Music

EDM culture titan Tiesto made big news this weekend when he went on the airwaves of the BBC and played what many are calling a tech and deep house music set (overall it was more progressive than deep, but then again we're not the genre police).

It turns out that Tiesto isn't the first to genre jump, as the Australian EDM blog Stoney Roads has put together a list of producers who have changed their aliases to make what many are calling "deep house".

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We've selected five notable ones below. You can read the complete list here.

1. Will Bailey (electro/fidget house producer) is now Lowsteppa.

2. Lee Mortimer (electro/dubstep producer) is now Friend Within

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3. Dave Spoon (electro producer) is now Shadow Child

4. Foamo + Rack’N'Ruin (electro producers) are now Gorgon City

5. Mensah (electro/dubstep producer) is now New York Transit Authority

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