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5 Things We Loved About LED Anniversary III in San Diego - Event Recap

My Life Every Day (LED) has created quite a name for themselves over the past few years. With legendary shows at the famous San Diego Wavehouse, turning it into the locally known 'RaveHouse' every summer; drop-dead unforgettable shows at the late nightclub, Voyeur and opening the world-famous Petco Park up to host the talents of Above & Beyond, Alesso, the Mad Decent family, and Hardwell -- LED is here to stay. Last holiday weekend, LED took over California with shows in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco... On the same night. Well done, LED.

5 Things We Loved About LED Anniversary III in San Diego - Event Recap

Sunday, February 16th, LED welcomed the masses to the Valley View Casino Center (formerly the San Diego Sports Arena) to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. The lineup was promising, the hype was unparalleled and the result was mind-blowing. Here are 5 things that we will not soon forget about our Anniversary celebration with the LED family..

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5 Things We Loved About LED Anniversary III in San Diego - Event Recap

What makes an event so great? The people. Sure, the music showcase, production and effects are spectacular - but what would an event be without the people? One thing I value about the EDM crowd in San Diego is the acceptance of diversity. The kandi-kids, shuffle crews, scenesters (they still exist!), and even the trust fund kids can come together under the illuminated ceiling, dripping with raver-rain and forget their differences. LED not only opened a venue to dance, they opened a venue to love.


5 Things We Loved About LED Anniversary III in San Diego - Event Recap

Where do I even start with Dannic? The switch-ups? Drops? Unexpected Mashups? How about all of them, at the same time. The Netherlands has famously birthed some of the most revered EDM producers on the block today, with Dannic inching his way to the forefront. Dannic proved himself worthy of the sold-out venue with an over-the-top set including original tracks, remixes and a perfect technique... Not a single panty left dry.


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5 Things We Loved About LED Anniversary III in San Diego - Event Recap

Watch out, Insomniac. LED is stepping up to the plate and hitting their production value out of the stadium. With a floor to ceiling illuminated wall, multiple screens, and more multi-colored lasers than EDC Las Vegas, the term 'Rage Face' doesn't even begin to describe the complete full-body melt that occurred throughout the event. The effects, which included strobes, fog, multicolor lasers, over sized balloons and inflatable whales added an element to the event which displaced you from San Diego and into the Heavens of Rage. We will be coming back to this place of extravagant nature, frequently.


5 Things We Loved About LED Anniversary III in San Diego - Event Recap

San Diego may not have been the ideal location for a heavy hitting EDM scene in the past, but I can guarantee that it is currently one of the best around. Our parties are loud as hell, they go until 4:00 in the morning, and the talent that is showcased is without a doubt, some of the most desired in the world. Broad Statement? Most definitely. Remember "back in the day" when EDC, Nocturnal, Love Groove, and all the other parties were held across the span of Figueroa in downtown LA? It was intimate and basic. This is what LED has branded, and it's what works. One stage, One show. The Valley View Casino center is huge, offers clean facilities, tons of seating, a huge dance floor with dedicated areas for crews to show off their skills, and a whole lot of cocktail, beer and food options. San Diego can turn up!


5 Things We Loved About LED Anniversary III in San Diego - Event Recap

The level of commitment that Adventure Club brings to their sets, to their fans, and put out into this culture is crystal clear when they step behind the decks. Christian and Leighton (Adventure Club) have proven over and over that you don't need some generic, over-used drop or the same chord progression as the whatever-number DJ in the world to make a phenomenal show. When you stay true to your sound, to your roots, and create an evolution of sound through a complex bass filled, melody ridden story - you create something so much richer than a 'dope fuckin drop.' They create a mission for themselves and emulate it towards their audience, embedding a memory in your mind. It was incredibly refreshing to hear original tracks that haven't been unrecognizably tampered with, and unlike other "evolving" DJ duo's -- their set didn't sound like they were playing directly from their soundcloud account. I applaud Adventure Club for set, for keeping it at 100, and most importantly -- for not playing five different remixes of Booyah and Cannonball, just so they can hear themselves drop the bass. #Respect

All photos courtesy of Fixation Photography

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