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Album Review: Markus Schulz Fifth Studio Album 'Scream 2" - File Under Trance

Album Review: Markus Schulz Fifth Studio Album 'Scream 2" - File Under Trance

The highly anticipated fifth studio album by Markus Schulz, Scream 2  has just been released via the Armada Music label. This massive production spans 17 tracks of limitless, uncensored emotion; filled with some of the most soulful melodies and heartfelt breakdowns Trance has seen so far this year. Markus Schulz took this album by its core, and was able to completely captivate a full spectrum of what Trance is; he redefined the genre.

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Trance is a state of lessened consciousness, a level of hypnotism achieved through euphoric feelings, thoughts, and meditation. For some, this discourse may never occur. For others, it is achieved through music. Today, it happens with Scream 2. Powerful, compelling, and inspirational - the album is meant to live on repeat. The stories of individual tracks vary with each listen, and the vocals take your soul to another realm, a new interpretation with every press of the play button.

Scream 2 in its entirety is a multi-dimensional story of life. It encompasses the raw emotions one faces on a daily basis, the silent struggles endured and the triumphs celebrated. Few artists in the Electronic Music industry have been able to create such a level of awareness in a single-artist album, full circle. From start to finish, Markus Schulz's production, alongside insatiable vocalists and EDM producer masterminds will suck you into a world of identity, love, struggle, and perseverance.

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Some of our favorite tracks include, Revolution featuring Venom One & Chris Maden, Lord Knows featuring Liz Horsman, and Dancing In The Key Of Life.

"Here we are, without a sound. A silver lining on a cloud, Cannonball smoking in the crowd. We raise the white flag to the ground, and we are the revolution coming."
- Revolution (Track 2)

Markus Schulz, Venom One and the illustrious vocals of Chris Maden come together in the opening of the album to emphasize a message to fans -- We are here, and we are a revolution. This track speaks volumes to the generations immersed in Electronic Music Culture, living to see positive change in universe. Rest assure, you will be hearing this track at every summer festival from London to New York, to Moscow.

Scream 2 is available for purchase on iTunes.


01 Reloaded
02 Revolution (with Venom One feat. Chris Madin)
03 Blown Away (feat. Liz Primo)
04 Remember This
05 Erase You (feat. Lady Vee)
06 Destino
07 Muse (feat. Adina Butar)
08 Dancing In The Key Of Life
09 Lord Knows (feat. Liz Horsman)
10 Fireworks (with Klauss Goulart feat. Paul Aiden)
11 In The Shadows
12 Make You Fall (feat. CeCe Peniston)
13 Mango
14 Mardi Gras
15 Gravity (feat. Amy Kirkpatrick)
16 Reflection
17 Towards The Sun (with Rex Mundi)

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