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An Interview With Bass Kleph And The Debut Of His Monthly New Electronic Music Chart


An Interview With Bass Kleph And The Debut Of His Monthly New Electronic Music Chart

DJ/Producer/Record Label Owner- those three titles have become the triple crown of EDM culture. But, it is one thing to say you're all three, and another to actually succeed at them.

One man who's doing it right is Bass Kleph-  a Los Angeles based DJ by way of Australia. You may know him from his recent tour with Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner, the Youtube videos of him slaying it on the live remix tip, or as the owner of Vacation Records.

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At any given moment, Bass Kleph is on the grind- if he's not DJ'ing he's producing, and if not producing he's doing A&R for his label. If he's not doing A&R he's probably DJing- you get the point. One thing's for certain, success doesn't come by dumb luck for him; it's a combination of hard work, dedication, perseverance and talent.

We were thrilled when Bass Kleph accepted our offer to start a monthly chart with us and wanted to have him give a bit of an introduction to his music, his label, and the importance of charts in today's EDM scene.   We've asked him a few questions below, and his first monthly chart with us immediately follows.

Take a read-

We're excited to have you to start a monthly chart with us! As an active DJ you probably have a “working top 10" going on in your head. Will it be a stretch to put the tracks “to paper”, so to speak?

Not at all. I’m always on the look out for music for my radio show, and for DJing, so I always have a few gems up my sleeve. I throw a few curve balls in there for you too ;)

You're a DJ, producer, and run a record label. How do you find time to wear so many hats?

I just work a lot. I love writing, touring, and working on the label, and my artists. It doesn’t really feel like work as it it’s fun.

Do you find the three kind of coexist in harmony?

Absolutely. DJing helps you know what to write for a crowd, and running a label helps you know what other labels may be looking for/thinking. DJing helps with A&R for the label. Writing makes you a more musical DJ. I could go on. There are many benefits.

Let’s talk about Vacation Records for a minute. How do you go about finding and selecting artists?

We like to work with our friends and favorite DJs, but we also accept demos too. We listen to all of them. So send yours in here. The sound I’m looking for at the moment is a fresh take on EDM, with high energy, and great playability. For an idea of what I’m digging at the moment, check out my radio show Klephtomania.

What artists do you have in the pipeline?

Coming up is Taurus & Vaggeli, M35, Royal K, BakuBoy & Austin Blake, and Uber Drop.

We’re not really limiting the chart to any particular genre, but what genres do you think you’ll chart most- i.e. what are you feeling at the moment?

Mostly electro, some progressive, def some tech house and deep house music, the occasional drum 'n bass, trap and dubstep track too.

In this modern era where so much emphasis is placed on the Beatport Top 100, Youtube views, and Soundcloud plays, what value to you think bringing back “DJ Charts” can bring to the scene?

A huge value! It takes years of experience for a DJ to dig through the virtual crates and bring you a special selection of tunes/artists that represent their unique tastes. It’s the same reason you go out to see a DJ as opposed to saying home and listening to the Beatport Top 100.


Here is Bass Kleph's February 2014 Chart 

1. FTW (Original Mix) - Lets Be Friends
Amazing melodies, production, ideas, all put together with a fresh ridiculously energetic vibe. My favorite electro track right now.

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2. Get Yo (Original Mix) - Taurus & Vaggeli
This track just rocks! A fresh electro take on the "big kick sound" of house. The vocal grabs get everyone going too!

3. Afrika (Original Mix) - Chocolate Puma
I love Chocolate Puma! Always a cool sexy house vibe. This track is no exception, but also has extra energy and jackin' flavor too!

4. Running (Original Mix) - Foamo
I love deep house like this. The bass line is so cool. Reminds me of old speed garage/drum n bass.

5. Hey Mister (Original Mix) - Tujamo
Sexy, sleazy, sneaky, housey awesomeness. Tujamo has this style on lock. The horns in this are dope.

6. Soldiers (Original Mix) - Mike Hawkins
Always nice to hear a broken beat. Mike Hawkins has a very fresh vibe here with an almost indian bangra percussion feeling in the drop. It's EDM but not as you know it.

7. Quick Quack (Club Mix) - Patric La Funk, DBN
So querky, different, and catchy! Quick Quack is a really refreshing electro/house track. Love this!

8. Turn it up (Tchami Remix) - Mercer
Uber cool house track. Rockin party vibe. Love the drop at 3:40. So mean, but so good.

9. Salute (Original Mix) - Wiwek
Love these guys! So aggressive, raw, energetic and edgy. This electro track takes a marching theme, and then just punishes you.

10. Disco Sucks (Original Mix) - Bass Kleph
My new track! Shameless self promotion i know, but i'm really proud of this one. It's an interesting combination of house, electro, tech house, disco, and fidget house. So far getting support from Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W&W, Morgan Page, and more! :)

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