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Ask Rhonda: The Reigning Queen Of Clubbing Shares Her 'Sexpertise'


By: Karen Labuca and Nikki Kilpatrick

Ask Rhonda: The Reigning Queen Of Clubbing Shares Her 'Sexpertise'

We sat down with the queen bitch of polysexual hard partying and asked her to spill the beans following her Valentine’s Day soiree, featuring a disco heavy set from Spanish producer, John Talabot.

Every month Rhonda's faithful party monsters converge, accepting an other worldly invitation to dance, mingle, and otherwise get down. Her nocturnal ritual involves ceremoniously tearing it up on the dance floor in fierce DIY garb, and generally flaunting your stuff.

So turn off Tinder, silence Grindr, and soak up the gospel on this hypersexual diva's trend setting parties.

ASK RHONDA: That dance floor was heated! You spun a very sexy soundtrack for the lovers last night. Let’s just say there were multiple, spontaneous dance breaks. Whatchu know about Shit Robot?

Marcus AKA Shit Robot is a globetrotting DJ, a talented Studio-Bot, and a certified funk android of the highest order. He has a new full-length record coming out on DFA Records and it is a thing to behold.

ASK RHONDA: Curious clubbers and party animals flock to your parties for it’s "anything goes" vibe. What’s Phyllis Navidad looking for at the door?

Phyllis has been working with me for years now and she knows how to comb the crowd for people that stick out and put some effort into their look. This party was started to give a platform for unrelenting self-expression by any means necessary. WORK. A. LOOK. It's not about a certain look or person, all shapes and sizes and types are welcome and encouraged to wear their personality on their sleeves and put in the effort to show the world who they really are in new and explosive ways. Don’t bore her. You are a boundless well of crystal-clear inner beauty. Release that geyser of gorgeous humanity upon me.

ASK RHONDA: Your pansexual party palace attracts an eclectic group with it’s seedy glamour. It takes a lot of confidence to strut your stuff there, but is it possible to have too much mojo?

You can never have too much verve, boys, or mojo. Mojo is contagious. If you have too much then your cup is overflowing beautifully into the cups of the young and thirsty everywhere, further increasing the global mojo pool from which we derive our sensual energy.

Ask Rhonda: The Reigning Queen Of Clubbing Shares Her 'Sexpertise'

ASK RHONDA: Fuck, kill, marry: Freddie Mercury, Rupaul, Madonna?

Fuck: Freddie Mercury, so damn sexy.
Kill: Madonna, she lost my coat once at The Russian Tea Room in the early 80s.
Marry: Rupaul, could you even IMAGINE our collective closet?

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ASK RHONDA: In the early days you hosted a sexy hotline, where people could call for a good time. How did you seduce your callers?

A deep and carnal knowledge of human sensuality serves as a siren song for thirsty individuals everywhere by playing to humanity’s animal instincts for raw unbridled passion. I still maintain that hotline but the number is no longer public.

ASK RHONDA: You have such an enigmatic presence in the LA club scene, it’s almost too cool, always popping up in different venues, with packed dance floors, and a line wrapped around the block. How do you maintain the intrigue?

A woman never reveals the secrets to her intrigue.

ASK RHONDA: You’re a bit of a 90s revivalist, with VIPs parading around the club in full-on costumes. What are your tips for making the best dressed list?

Always over the top, too much is never enough. And most of all: EXPRESS YOURSELF. It is up to us to make this world more fabulously compelling in every possible way.

Ask Rhonda: The Reigning Queen Of Clubbing Shares Her 'Sexpertise'

ASK RHONDA: You’re a beacon for the underground dance scene and the floor was bumpin’ all night with faithful followers voguing and busting the move. What are your secrets to makin’ ‘em sweat?

A tasteful mixture of old, new, and boundary pushing dance music, and a safe judgement free space for self expression. I take the task of representing all facets of the dance music spectrum very seriously and in turn people wind up really letting themselves go. We want to make sure we shine the DJs that had a hand in creating this music as well as acting as a launchpad to the incredible new talent that sprouts up constantly.

ASK RHONDA: You’ve got great legs, they’re the centerpiece of the dance floor after all. What’s another body part that you find sexy?

Having spent decades tirelessly researching every sexy inch of the human body, my favorite corporeal sectors change from time to time but a few of my recent favs are the back knees and the area right above the collarbone. So seductive.

ASK RHONDA: You have a lot of high profile guests at your parties. We saw Jake Sheers -- who’s kind of a big deal — and we hear he’s a regular. Did you meet at a kiki?

Yes we met at the Kiki Olympics in Vaxhaull 2008 and we’ve been the best of friends ever since.

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