Binge Drinking Laptop DJ Changes SFX Alias To Make Bounce House Music At The Tiesto Bowl

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Binge Drinking Laptop DJ Changes Alias To Make Bounce House Music At The Tiesto Bowl

Every Saturday, we bring you the biggest EDM news stories for the past week. Think of it as service to you, our wonderful reader. We all know life can get a little hectic out there, so this is you chance to pour some whiskey in your coffee, sit back and catch up on all EDM everything.

Here on the top 10 stories on Magnetic this week. Take a read-

01. Producers That Changed Their Alias To Make House Music

02. TJR Shares His Top 10 Bounce Tracks To Kick Off Vegas Residency

03.Laptop DJs - You Look Like This!

04.Up To 60 Youths Treated For Binge Drinking At Hardwell Show

05. Industry Vets File Lawsuit Against SFX's Robert Sillerman

06.₮ØⱣ 10 Ɓ∆ϨϨ & ₮Я∆Ᵽ ϨØИ₲Ϩ Ø₣ ШЄЄK

07.Top 10 Free Downloads Of The Week

08.Flea Comes Clean About Not Being Plugged In At The Super Bowl

09. Tiesto Goes Underground On 2014 Essential Mix

10. Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Songs Of The Week

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