'Disaster Zone' Outside Belfast Hardwell Gig Most Likely Caused By Alcohol Consumption, Fights


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'Disaster Zone' Outside Belfast Hardwell Gig Most Likely Caused By Alcohol Consumption, Fights

In an update to a story we ran yesterday from the the BBC, about one hundred young people were treated for alcohol consumption at a recent concert in Belfast which featured a performance from EDM culture's Hardwell.

John McPoland, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service spokesman said "many of those treated by paramedics were already intoxicated when they arrived at the venue... We believe the majority arrived suffering from too much alcohol".

Many reports were calling the grounds outside the Odyssey Arena, the venue where the event was held, a 'disaster zone'. Many of those ill were reported to be vomiting and crying.

From the BBC:

Sources said police will also investigate claims that many underage teenagers were able to buy alcohol as well as being allowed in while clearly drunk.

Ten thousand tickets were sold for the event, and police said about 300 young people were refused entry to the venue because they were either underage or intoxicated.

A total of 108 people, including some very young teenagers, needed medical help both inside and outside the venue.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) declared the scene outside the concert as a "major incident" at about 20:00 GMT on Thursday.

They said this was due to the number of resources they had to deploy in order to treat the patients.

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It is also being reported that there were several fights inside and outside the venue, some of which are being described by concert goers as "brawls".

A sixteen year old female, and two adult males, ages 18 and 21, were arrested. The teens were arrested for assault and resisting the police, while the 21 year old was arrested for disorderly conduct. The event was 16 and over.

Due to the initial amount of people requiring treatment, first responders were not sure if "bad drugs" were involved. A "major incident" was declared to ensure paramedics had enough resources to "protect life".

There was no mention of the incident on Hardwell's twitter page. Only this:

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