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EDM News: David Beckham Made A Chart On Beatport & It's Awesome!


EDM News: Listen To David Beckham's Tech House Chart On Beatport

Former England football captain and LA Galaxy midfielder, David Beckham, uploaded his "Winter 2014" chart on Beatport Thursday night, and its underground as fuck! He's featured some wickedly talented and fast rising producers. It's is an intimate collection of dark, purist tech house music gems. It features the likes of  Mario Mijatovic, Macromism, Redondo, Onno, Sidney Charles, Larry J,  as well as, the legendary DJ Sneak and more.

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A few days ago, Beckham announced plans for bringing a new MLS football team to Miami and starting a football training academy. The vibes exuding from this music chart are so Miami-esque, it's an appropriate mood-setter for his latest entrepreneurial adventure.

So, if you're a recently retired football player with millions in the bank, and about to start your own sports team, this is some dope music to listen to, while you work on that. You might like it, even if you're not. Though, Bros might be scratching their heads on this one because, "all Tech House sounds the same", right bro?

One thing's for sure, Beckham's got great taste and some razor-sharp A&R skills. If he ever DJ'ed a party, we'd be there for sure. Would you?

Check out his chart here

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