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Who Is ABUELA? Why It Isn't A Supergroup From Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Ratatat & White Wizard

Well no. It is more complicated than that.
Is ABUELA The New Supergroup From Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Ratatat & White Wizard?!

Well not quite...

We caught this one floating around and EDM Sauce this morning.  Whilst we give props to their editors for finding this great of an act; in the rush and excitement to get new music out to their readers, there are a few facts that were incorrect, which we wanted to clarify.

EDM Sauce claimed, "The new group known as ABUELA is made up of the 2 mega groups, E. vax and White Wizard. For those who don’t know either of those names, E. vax is a group made up of Ratatat, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi and Despot, while White Wizard is made up of White Flight and White Zarb."

When actually...

According to ABUELA's Youtube page, under their first released track, "SAPA" from December 2nd 2013, it clearly says, "ABUELA is the collaborative project from E. Vax (Ratatat, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Despot) and Agustin White (White Flight, White Ark, White Wizard)"

So basically, what this means is...

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ABUELA is the collaborative project of Ratatat member, E. Vax  or Evan Mast, who has also PRODUCED for, and is ASSOCIATED with the likes of Jay Z, Kid Cudi and Despot. Agustin White, also known as White Flight, White Ark, White Wizard, and White Zarb (according to Facebook page) is the other member. While there is no indication of any productions from Agustin's last three aliases - none that we could find, at least- we're going to confirm that there are NO "supergroups" involved in the making of ABUELA, despite what some people may have thought.

They are just two dudes with a lot of musical experience, making all sorts of dope productions, with an album slated for release this year. Check out this interview that Justin Roelofs aka Agustin White/ White Flight did with He talks about how the project came about, recording in Peru, etc.

Rolling Stone premiered ABUELA's "True Colors" on January 31, 2014. They spoke to the duo about the project, and there was no indication that Jay Z, Kid Cudi, or anyone else affiliated with the project.

Their True Colors EP is a fascinating blend of downtempo, cosmic raga melodies and disco synths, mind-warping bass lines, haunting drum rhythms, tender, eclectic vocals, and heavy overtones. It has bold, dreamy, and spiritual vibes. You can buy the EP here via iTunes.

Source: & Rolling Stone

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