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EDM News: Photos Of A 'Vodka Drinking' Monkey Put Dubai Nightclub In Hot Water


Photographs of a monkey on a leash being fed vodka by its owner began to surface on the Internet this week. The photos were supposedly taken at a nightclub in Dubai called Vanity, and were used in an effort to promote a party called "Blackout"

EDM News: Photos Of A 'Vodka Drinking' Monkey Put Dubai Nightclub In Hot Water

The monkey was in a black t-shirt that promoted the event as well. The photos triggered anger from many in Dubai, a city where keeping exotic pets is not uncommon. Some even called for the venue to be shut down.

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Vanity issued the following statement:

We would like to state that Vanity Nightclub Dubai has never 'knowingly' allowed nor will allow any animals into our premises. Concerning the incident that occurred last Tuesday, the 27th January 2013, the owner along with his animal, were immediately removed from the premises once staff were alerted. The owner and his party that attended on the night have been banned from ever entering the venue again .

We thank you all for expressing you're concerns and please be certain that we share the same view as everyone when it comes to the treatment of animals .

Vanity Management.

There is no word if law enforcement agencies will be taking any action, or if any laws were broken.

Source: In The Mix

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