Exclusive: Afrojack’s Power Drill Interviewed After New Song “Ten Feet Tall” Debuts At The Super Bowl


Exclusive: Afrojack’s Power Drill Interviewed After New Song “Ten Feet Tall” Debuts At The Super Bowl

It’s amazing that EDM culture has become so ubiquitous that companies like Bud Light are teaming up with artists like Afrojack to premier new electronic music during the Super Bowl. The song that premiered in the first half of this year's game is called “Ten Feet Tall” . Take a listen to the 30 second snippet.

Like what you hear? We’ll we got a pretty big exclusive here for you. We landed an interview with the tool Afrojack goes to when he needs a hit - Power Drill. Take a read-

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So Power Drill, how does it feel to have your new song with Afrojack premiered on the Super Bowl?

Ya, it feels great man, I mean, all the other artists and ghost producers on the track are really jealous because Nick (Afrojack) highlighted my sound for the Super Bowl ad. But you know, this isn’t the first time we’ve worked together, I mean, I’ve worked with Nick since the beginning and you really can’t have that ‘Afrojack sound’ without Power Drill.

Very true! So, the commercial urges fans to Shazam the track if they want to hear more. How did you guys come to that decision?

Well, it was quite simple actually. We’ve found that Afrojack fans despise looking for and discovering new music on their own- they get rather lost. So we made it easy – We told them to Shazam the song. Now they have the new song in their phones, with the title, so they can tell the difference from all the other EDM songs out there that sound just like this one. It’s quite genius actually…

Makes perfect sense. So tell us about how Bud Light got involved?

Ah Bud Light, I’m actually sipping on a nice cold one of those right now. I just got done installing some new book shelves, and nothing beats an ice cold Bud Light after a hard days work! I can’t really say much more than that, except that when Afrojack performs at SFX events he drinks Bud Light too. Oh, and hi Robert Sillerman!

So what’s next for Power Drill?

Lots of things! I’ve squashed my beef with Electric Tire Wrench (I swear I did not steal his sound intentionally!), so we should be on a new Hardwell track and most likely a new Steve Angello track. And after I wall mount this flat screen TV, I’m thinking of starting to DJ, so the first thing I’m going to do is hire a publicist to get me on the DJ Mag Top 100. And then I’ll tour. Oh, Martin Vorwerk and I are doing the new DVBBS & Borgeous track. We haven’t signed the non-disclosure agreement yet, but look for it in 2014.

Thanks Power Drill!

Thanks Magnetic! Thanks for giving a tool some respect!

Note: This piece is satire and in no way should it be inferred that we interviewed a power drill, or that a power drill could talk, drink beer, DJ, tour or ghost produce tracks. If it could, that would be pretty amazeballs though.

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