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Fatboy Slim Talks On The Term 'EDM' And What It Means- You Might Be Shocked


Fat Boy Slim Talks On The Term 'EDM' And What It Means- You Might Be Shocked

Having one of the biggest songs of 2013, Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) recently sat down with Australian EDM culture blog Stoney Roads to talk about his storied career and where electronic music is today.

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Overall, it's a great read. One thing that especially caught our eye was Cook's take on 'EDM', a term that's come to create a division in the electronic dance music community (yeah, we know that doesn't make sense but stay with us). Here's his explanation:

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Stoney Roads: Loaded question – what’s your take on the term ‘EDM’?

Errrrmmmmmm… A very accurate description of what I do for a living, that has kind of been hijacked by the people who make ‘PDM’ – ‘Pop Dance Music’. The phenomenon of it worldwide, I’m not going to be sniffy about, because as a DJ and someone who makes that kind of music it’s fantastic how a new generation of kids are getting into it and getting as excited about it as I did when I was that age. So, on the one hand it’s a very accurate description, but it’s also been hijacked.

Thank you Mr. Cook for distinguishing a difference between popular dance music and electronic dance music, and noting that the term has simply been hijacked.

And here's our stance - EDM is an acronym for 'electronic dance music', an umbrella term used to describe a genre of music produced mainly by electronic means (synthesizers, computers, etc) that people like to dance to.

Genre Nazis, leave your comments. But in the interest of full disclosure- we're just going to read them aloud in the voice of the comic book guy on the Simpsons. Cause that's really how you sound. No, really.

Read the full interview on Stoney Roads.

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