Gadget Review: The Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer


Gadget Review: The Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer

The peeps over at Da Vinci have come through and sent us over one of their new portable Ascent vaporizers. Available in multiple color options, and featuring some innovative technology, we gave one a 'test smoke' with the provided tobacco sample. Yes, tobacco cause, well, feds watching, but we still got a pretty good idea of how it stacked up.

The latch they have built in makes it pretty easy to get to puffing. All it takes is a swing open from the bottom of the device and you have an open chamber to pack the tobacco. For your oils, just load the jar in the same chamber and you're set.

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Once you're going, the glass to glass vapor pathways give some pretty smooth smoking. There's a nice balance of flavor and density, definitely letting you know you're burning right.

A neat feature from the Ascent Vaporizer is the OLED screen where you can take note of your battery life, temperature, and vapor coming up and out. You can regulate the temperature by the plus/minus button that lies on the same interface as the screen.

As far as design, this vape is portable, fits comfortably in your pocket, and comes in some stylish finishes. It's a bit up there as far as price goes ($249 MSRP), but if you're looking for quality, you're going to get it.

For more info and to purchase, visit Da Vinci here.

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