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Here's What We Know About This SFX VS. AEG Battle For Electric Forest

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Electric Forrest, 2013

Here's What We Know About This SFX VS. AEG Battle For Electric Forrest

If you follow EDM culture on the Internet, you've probably seen rumors/articles floating around about Darth Sillerman and the SFX empire trying to cancel Michigan's Electric Forest Festival this year.

According to Spin (Via the White Lake Beacon), it looks this isn't necessarily the case, as Electric Forest promoter AEG is filing a pre-emptive lawsuit to "ward off what it sees as a retaliatory maneuver on SFX's part to gain control of the Double JJ and send Electric Forest into exile."

The short of it is, SFX is in the process of a deal that could possibly void the leasing rights concert promoter AEG has in place to put on Electric Forest.  So, AEG is filing an injunction/restraining order that would stop any deal going through that might put EF in jeopardy.


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An SFX representative tells Spin "There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that SFX is doing anything to halt Electric Forest. In fact, we agreed to rescue the property owner and then another party began a legal proceeding, much to our surprise. Electric Forest is a great festival held on a great site. We regret the actions of others, but we assure all fans of Electronic Music that we only are interested in expanding the offerings available to EMC fans".  (EMC stands for 'electronic music culture', SFX's preferred acronym for EDM culture.)

In a status update on Electric Forest's Facebook page, the festival writes "Forest Family - In light of recent rumors, we want to confirm that Electric Forest 2014 is definitely still happening! We are working to resolve the current legal situation and are confident we will win the debate."

They go on to say that the lineup will be announced shortly. The next update to the legal battle will be February 28th, when a judge returns to the motion.  The festival is scheduled to take place June 26th - 29th.

So, as it unfolds it looks AEG is just telling SFX "hands off", and SFX is saying "I wasn't going to do anything".

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Source: Spin

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