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International EDM Culture Focus- A Chat With Barbados Based Producer, DJ & Promoter Jus-Jay


By: Retro Jay

International EDM Culture- A Chat With Barbados Based Producer, DJ & Promoter Jus-Jay

EDM culture has truly become an international phenomenon as more and more countries are developing their own vibrant scenes. One of the newest but most rapidly growing hot spots for electronic dance music is the Caribbean.

It may be more well known for Rihanna, Bob Marley and Usain Bolt but over the past few years the region has been getting into artists like Kaskade, Tiesto and Calvin Harris in a big way. Maybe it's the Dutch influence or the way the driving rhythm translates easily into all languages (probably a combination of both!), but the music its taking strong roots in these island communities.


Today, we chat with one of the Caribbean’s leading DJ’s and promoters Jus-Jay on his musical inspirations, upcoming events and his thoughts on this tropical destination for all things EDM. Take a read:

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For people who haven't been lucky enough to visit Barbados or the Caribbean, what would you say makes the Caribbean Dance Music scene unique?

I think being Caribbean alone plus our way of dance, our way of life, our culture, the similarity in things we like in our indigenous music combined with the world of dance music makes it a unique experience. I am not sure it’s something that can necessarily be explained in words, it’s an experience!

What are some of the clubs and events that are a must to check out in Barbados and the Caribbean?

PRIVA Barbados on the west coast for sure, the celebrity hot spot of the island and most versatile music selection. The Barbados Music Factory, and any of my events (Liquid, HeatRave, JouvRAVE) 

What artists and pastimes would you say inspire your music?

I am inspired by way too many artists across different genres and styles but a few I could name off the top of my head are of course The Swedish House Mafia, Major Lazer, Michael Jackson, John Legend, Kaskade, Tupac, Calvin Harris and the list could go on for ages.

Has EDM culture peaked in the Caribbean or is there more to come in your opinion.

Its by no means at its peak in my eyes, I believe its only just begun. Soca music and Electronic music are beginning to fuse and the outcome I believe will last for a long time and see more progress in the export of Caribbean music to the international market.

You are a promoter, producer and DJ. How does doing all of these impact you in your DJing and Producing career?

It does wonders for me and also holds me back. The plus in all of these things is it makes me versatile in all fields, it allows me to meet people from all areas of the industry and connect with them on a level that others cant. And lastly they all work hand in hand to push my career forward at a rapid pace especially coming from the Caribbean. The downside comes with time, there’s just not enough time in one day. I have to hold meetings with sponsors, venues and staff in going forward with event promotions and pulling everything together, then I still have to make time to continue sharpening my production skills and sound as well as keeping up to date with new music releases and playing skills with regards to DJing. But I guess dedication will see me through.

Who are some of the dopest DJ's and Producers that fans of EDM should keep an eye out for

I’d say Nick Ahren, The Two Friends & Candyland are my DJ/Producers to watch for the future.

Perfect night out for Jus-Jay?

A perfect night out for me is one where the music is versatile, unpredictable, fresh and nice atmosphere and of course one or two vodka sprites.

What can people look out for from Jus-Jay both in terms of music and your own events?

Well for sure to start with here in Barbados for 2014 I will be hosting 3 big events starting with HeatRAVE (Apr 19th), JouvRAVE (June 14th) and Liquid Halloween Festival – 2 Stages (Oct 31st) You can also look out for a host of international appearances starting with “Momentum” ft. Diplo in Trinidad & Tobago (Feb 27th). Also I intend to release my first original tune during the course of this year so stay tuned for that.

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