Is IceJJFish The New Voice Of Glitchy, R&B Rooted EDM?


Is IceJJFish The New Voice Of Glitchy R&B Rooted EDM?

When you're smooth, you're smooth, and when you've got it,  you've got it. And let's put it this way, IceJJFish has got it. Born Daniel Mcloyd, this self proclaimed singer, rapper, entertainer, and dancer is about to take the world by storm.

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Trap has brought hip hop to EDM culture in a big way, and we think that r&b is just waiting in crossover into the scene, especially with all downtempo, glitch-vibe remixes floating around. Mary J Blige with Disclosure? Pssshhhh, whatever.

One watch and listen of IceJJFish's new video "On The Floor" and you'll be sold.

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