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It's Time To Puff, Pass & Groove With This 'Stoner Bowl' Playlist - EDM Culture


Puff, Pass, & Groove: 7 EDM Tracks For The Laziest Super Bowl Of All Time

The 2014 Super Bowl Broncos vs. Seahawks match up (Game Time 3:30 PST) taking place at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey today, has become know at the the Stoner Bowl, as both teams come from states that have decriminalized marijuana.

“Stoner Bowl” marketing campaigns have been flooding the Internet for the past couple of weeks. Pot entrepreneurs and enthusiasts seem to be seizing the opportunity to capitalize off of the match up.

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As tradition, honorable communities of all across the US are readying their “big jock jams” playlists for Super Bowl shitshows. In the midst of all of this, we decided to lend a hand, but with a twist.

Since Colorado and Washington have legal weed now, we put together a list of tracks, something perfect to listen to while lighting up a blunt, eating pizza and watching the big game. Makes sense doesn't it?

Here are 7 EDM tracks for the Stoner Bowl-

1. Silky vocals of Cari Golden and Different Mark's glittering nu-disco reggae progressions will lead you straight into the end zone.

2. NYC’s Gramatik side project Exmag’s is a groovy dose of future-funk. This is more of an afterparty/ under the sheets/ I just won the Superbowl and I’m getting some, type of track.

3. Bros, you will see shooting stars in broad daylight and then have an epiphany to quit ‘roids.

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4. The bass hits so hard on this one that it could earn you personal foul and one game suspension.

5. This track, its like fucking tiger balm – best 'achy muscles after a game 'cure. B Traits of BBC Radio One called it, “Properly spacey, electronic…vibes”. Just don't put it in your jock strap.

6. Arena Rumbler. Damn thatbassslaps. Concussion alert!

7. TOUCHDOWN! Nothing like a classic with a big drop, Bros. But wait for it, or you might get 5 yards for the false start.

The 2o14 Superbowl stars at 3:30 pst and will be aired on the Fox Network.

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